Friday, February 15, 2013

Win Streaks at NMSU

As far as I could tell, the current NMSU team is in some rare company in terms of win streaks. Aggies could be the fourth team with 13 straight with a win on Saturday at Utah State.

Longest NMSU win streaks
No. Year (Coach)
21: 1937-38 (Jerry Hines) 
16: 1968-69 (Lou Henson)
13: 2006-07 (Reggie Theus)
13: 1993-94 (Neil McCarthy)
12: 2012-12 (Marvin Menzies)
12: 1989-90 (Neil McCarthy)
12: 1960-61 (Presley Askew)
12: 1951-52 (George McCarty)
12: 1938-39 (Jerry Hines)

NMSU winning on Saturday would be a good win, even if Utah State is not the team we have seen in previous years. But it's a rivalry game in an arena that is tough to go in and win.

"It's always great to win there. I've only done it once so I know how good it feels," Marvin Menzies said. "It's an accomplishment to win in an arena like that. I would like to keep the series alive. It's a great environment to play in. I think we have great games against each other and it would help prepare for the postseason."

Here is a video from Denver's OT win at Utah State on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't make a big deal out of this win streak....who have they played, Juarez Tech?.....there were many aggie teams not on that list whose jocks I wouldn't let this team sniff!

That said, I like this team anyway.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:21,

Seriously? Great attitude. Some of the people in the blog really amaze me. Sounds like some MinOr or Lobo fans are trolling again.

When we were in the Big West, UNLV was the only team that mattered. During the year of 13 game streak in 93 we didn't play anyone that was significant. UNLV was already on their decline. I'm not even going to mention the Sun Belt. Later when we joined the WAC who was significant? Nevada? They had 2 or so years and now they're a push over. The year of the 13 game streak in 06 we were routed by AZ then we hit conference play. The Aggies don't have a choice in who they play remember that. Most basketball powers (Pac 12, ACC or Big East) won't play here. We have to go to them. We played at Duke several years ago and it wasn't even a game. That's how things go being a mid-major. They have also won 12 games in a row with 3 starters not playing (Chili, Watson and Ross-Miller). That says something about depth and heart. It's not like we play in the Big East or ACC and play a ranked team every week. Don't be so negative and support them.


Anonymous said...


Actually I am from Las Cruces and my first art piece at the age of six was of Slamming Sam, Jimmy Collins, Chico Reyes, and Charlie Criss pictures lacquered to a piece of wood (my dad still has that on his wall).

That 69-70 team that went to the final four is not on the list. Also the 74-75 team I believe is not on the list...the one that had to play Louisville, a tough Wichita State Team and the Lobos were very good that year too.

Sorry, I can't get excited about a win streak in which the only victory against a quality team was Denver and the next quality team we played, Utah State, we lost.

The team is just not that good. It has some heart and some potential, but I don't feel good about the coaching....for example Terrell De I forget his last name seems to be a much superior player than that other point guard but it took an injury for Menzies to use him. They just don't look like they know what they are doing out there.

No trolling, no bad mouthing, just my opinion.