Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Things that could/should happen after SJSU/USU trip

Here are several things that the Aggies could accomplish this weekend with road games at San Jose State and Utah State.

With a road sweep this weekend, NMSU would run its win streak to 13, matching the 13-game win streak in 2006-07.

That would of course include a victory at Utah State, which would be the Aggies fourth straight win over Utah State and their second straight win AT Utah State. NMSU beat UTah State in Logan last year for the first time since 2006, which was also the last time the Aggies swept Utah State in the series.  Four games is the longest streak in the series since Utah State won three times in 2000 and again in 2003. NMSU last won four straight against Utah State in 1993-94.

School and individual records could fall this weekend in the blocked shots category. NMSU is 10 blocks shy of the school record for blocked shots in a season. The 1994-95 team had 141 blocked shots. On a personal note, freshman center Sim Bhullar needs just one block to tie James Moore's freshman record of 52 blocks as a NMSU freshman in 2000-01.


Anonymous said...

Tough road trip. Am particularly concerned about Utah State. The won't want to lose 4 straight to the NMSU, especially at home and leaving the WAC. Plus, it's game two of the road trip where fatigue plays a factor.

Anonymous said...

Beating Utah St at home will be a challenge. I think that might be asking for much, but it is definitely a possibility. It'll be a close one so our Aggies must hit their free throws which have been an issue this year. Remember that USU had a 13 game win streak until they visited the Pan Am this year. They could be looking for pay back.

More importantly the team shouldn't over look SJSU. I think we're all guilty of looking past them and focusing on USU. The players just need to play one game at a time. That's where the coaches need to step up. Good luck Aggies, NMSU that is.

Also, Sim has done nothing but impress me this year. I don't remember seeing a player develop so quickly in a short amount of time. Earlier in the year he seemed a bit timid, but he's posting up well and he's not shy about going up. He also has soft hands. Several of our previous centers had issues catching or holding on to the ball the past few years. One thing that is becoming obvious is that he's going to get beat up under the basket. The refs are not going to call a lot of what is taking place due to his size.

Lastly, fans need to get out to the games. I've been very disappointed in the student section. Where are the students? Heck the band wasn't even at the last game. That's their main responsibility! No excuse. We have an 11-game win streak going on. Say what you will about the WAC. The Aggies will win 20+ games again and the fans still aren't happy. We're not going to be playing in the ACC or the Big East this year, but playing in a weak conference doesn't justify lack of support. We have to play the cards we're dealt. Trust me, Menzies drives me crazy, but I'm out there showing my support along with the other people I see there EVERY game. You know, we had 26 wins last year and we were only able to fill half the Pan Am. All those people out there that think things would be different if we had a winning football team are wrong. If we were to win 6 to 8 games in football do you actually think there would be more fans in the stands? Judging by the lack of support for a winning basketball team I think not. Support your team folks. That's not asking for much.


Anonymous said...

Jason, do you have any information as to how seriopus Sy's injury is?The Aggies have 6 tough games remaining on the schedule with the hame against San Jose appearing to be the easiest of the bunch. As good as the Aggies have been playing on defense during their win streak, I thought we had a chance of maybe losing 2 to 3 of the last 6 games. If Bandja's injury keeps him out, the mettle of this team will again be sorely tested.