Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kevin Aronis game ball

Some people think Kevin Aronis should play more. Perhaps, but when you are playing behind Daniel Mullings, minutes can be sparse. On Saturday, Aronis came on for the struggling and slightly injured Bandja Sy, scoring eight of his 11 points in the last 6 minutes as NMSU outscored UTEP 16-3 to pull out a 51-55 victory over the Miners.

Daniel Mullings
"We just made sure we locked up on defense and make sure they weren't get anything easy because near the end they were starting to make a couple shots. We switched it up a little bit and went to a little zone. EVerybody defensively was committed. Renaldo Dixon and Sim set great screens for Kevin to get open. ...

Kevin Aronis
"It could have been anybody. I hit a few shots that kind of got rolling. We got stops. I think that got the crowd into it a little bit. Just used the momentum to carry us on. ... With a rivalry game as big as this was, there is a lot of adrenaline and it takes a couple minutes to get going. Both halves started off slow. ...Daniel is our guy and I know I'm backing him up. I just have to stay ready. I know that he can get tired or godown hurt. I knew that coming into the season so I have been prepared every night for that. ... We didnt play our best at Utah. We thought we should have won that one. We had to forget it and get some momentum going into the WAC Tournament."

Marvin Menzies
"Every timeout, was what's another way we can get Kevin a shot. He kept answering the call. He has earned it. Coming from a junior college and playing a limited role is tought to do. Kevin has always stayed the courtse. You just have to be ready when the opporuntiy comes and he was."


Anonymous said...

OMG a token white guy on the NMS basketball team , how did that happen ?

Anonymous said...

I just love this teams, "next guy in" attitude!!
We have been without 3 starters and still went on 12 game romp!

The reason: The next guy in contributes with either shots, blocks, rebounds, defense, etc.

This team also reminds me of the 2007 team. We had a few starters go down that year and the bench stepped up, and we got some really neat depth and chemistry when the WAC tourney rolled around!!

The Aronis kid reminds me of Ted Knauber from the 07 team. Starter goes down and here comes this kid no one has ever heard of and starts hitting 3s, opening the inside for our bigs and going to the big dance!! Deja vu?


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:47,

Yeah, there are four token white guys on NMSU's roster. About two more than are on UTEPs roster and about the same number as on the UNM roster.

Very astute observation. Yeah. Right.