Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Victim plans to file charges

Tyrone Watson has been at New Mexico State for five years now. I must admit, he was the last player I expected to see involved with an off the court incident.

As a result of an alleged assault on a fellow student, Watson's career at NMSU could theoretically be over if charged with a felony. There will be a charge in the coming days as the victim told my collegue James Staley is his intent.   Obviously we don't know yet if the charge will carry a felony with it at this point and if you read Staley's story, there are multiple accounts of just what involvement Watson had in the incident.

It's easy to sit back and recommend what should happen. Watson hasn't been arrested but the fact that he was involved in something like this with the amount of publicity it has received, at this point it's the decision of the basketball program to suspend him or let him continue to play. I'm not going to say how long, but I don't think it would be a bad thing to suspend him at this point because at some point, something like Watson's involvement could drag down whatever accomplishments this year's team reaches on the basketball court. But that's just my take. Following is what Dr. Boston told me Wednesday evening.

When reached for comment Wednesday, NMSU athletics director McKinley Boston said Watson's fate at this point would be determined by the basketball team's head coach.
"The policy at the moment is that Coach Menzies has a relationship with his player and will make a determination to play Tyrone or suspend Tyrone," Boston said. "Without charges against Tyrone, it's a violation of team policy."
Boston said he has been in constant communication with Menzies since the incident has drawn publicity since originally reported on Monday.
"We haven't dismissed it but I'm not the decision maker as I would be if it were a felony charge and it would be on my plate," Boston said. 
Watson has been cooperative with the investigation, Boston said.
"At this point (Watson) is remorseful and he acknowledged that he made an emotional, bad decision," Boston said. "Sometimes those decisions have consequences and those lay with Coach Menzies right now."


Anonymous said...

I like Watson a lot; one of my favorite Aggie players. That said, if he did this thing as described and there isn't some legitimate justification for his actions, he should be removed from the team. Period.

This isn't UTEP where administration and law enforcement turn a blind eye.

Police Blotter said...

Well it's about time. Did you really think you could stay out of trouble and not make headlines? Welcome back Thuggies!!

Anonymous said...

This is embarassing for alumni and the team. It hurts especially going into the post season where focus is needed most for the players. Ask yourself, What would coach K, do if this happened at a program like Duke? Where does MM stand in relation to this?

What a boneheaded mistake,Tyrone!

Anonymous said...

Go points, but since none of us know what truly happened that night, we need to let justice run it's course. We can't immediately call for Tyrone to be disciplined until we know what really happened. Either way, this is very disappointing and hopefully the victim recovers quickly.


Anonymous said...

Menzies needs to step up and do the right thing. Many facts have already been learned about the situation and Watson has admitted he attacked the victim. Felony charges or not, he needs to go. Action should have already been taken. I do not like the way Boston or Menzies operate. Good people don't do what Watson did and I hope he is dismissed from the team.


Anonymous said...

Am disappointed in him. Not that it makes a difference to anyone but me. He let his team and his school down. Worse yet, one idiotic moment will end up following him around for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

Seems like being a thug is a recruiting requirement for Aggie basketball.

I have lost count but how many from this program have been in trouble over the years ?

Anonymous said...


You've made a good point in reminding us that innocence is assumed until guilt is proved. That being said, I think all agree that if he attacked this guy as indicated in the article(s), he needs to be disciplined.

In my mind, an attack such as described warrants dismissal from the team. If he did this thing, let him remain a student for the remainder of the year, but remove him from the team.

If the facts are even close to being as they have been reported, I don't see where Menzies has a choice.

Anonymous said...

I remember being physically assaulted by an Aggie bball player about 10 years ago. He was lucky that I'm THE BIGGEST AGGIE FAN EVER!!!! so i didn't press charges. Lol. (seriously though)

Randy said...

Nice "senior leadership" Tyrone. Just walk away you knucklehead.

Anonymous said...

At least NMSU gets the national spotlight for something. Albeit violence and not NCAA rankings.

Thanks Watson, you dork.

Anonymous said...

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