Thursday, January 10, 2013

Seattle: Three keys and a prediction

Get their swagger back: New Mexico State shouldn't lose a basketball game to the likes of Seattle. Sure Seattle has played Utah State close and Cameron Dollar is a big name playing in a NBA arena and I'm sure that team will continue to grow. But as it stands now, the NMSU basketball program shouldn't be playing close games or losing games with teams like Seattle, Texas State, Arlington and UTSA. Hopefully they carry whatever confidence they gained from recent practices and home games at home.

Rebounding: It's rare in recent history that the Aggies aren't the dominant rebounding team in the WAC. Seattle leads the league so far with 37.9 rebounds per game and 15 offensive rebounds per game. It sounded like the Aggies players were looking forward to establishing themselves as the better rebounding team. Normally when the Aggies address something that early in the week, they carry it over into the game. Lets see if they do that.

Three Point defense: Seattle is third in the WAC in 3-point makes per game with 7.4 and SU scores 32 percent of their points from long range. Normally this wouldn't be concern, but teams have began to knock down 3s against the Aggies in spurts, keeping Texas State close in the first half and contributing to the loss at Louisiana Tech. WAC teams are shooting 39 percent so far against the Aggies from long range.

It seems like Seattle gets its points in three ways, pressing (Seattle is 9th in the country with nearly 76 possessions per 40 minutes) yet they are middle of the pack in scoring at 68 ppg. They also hit the offensive boards and shoot the 3. The Aggies normally are a decent rebounding team and have done well at defending the 3. These are things NMSU has hung its hat on in recent years.

I think the Aggies win 75-65


Anonymous said...

No comments for the last three posts? I guess the fans just don't care anymore. There is nothing worse than that.

Jason, how much longer do we have to endure this regime? Is there any grumblings or rumors about when we will get a new direction in the athletic department?

Patrick NaySay

Anonymous said...

Ah, but these are the Aggies you are talking about...