Thursday, January 24, 2013

NMSU in second place at halfway point

I believe after New Mexico State's 53-42 victory over Denver, the Aggies are the team to beat in the Western Athletic Conference. With all due respect to Louisiana Tech, the Aggies have clearly figured it out on defense and have the ability to shut down any number of styles. Having said that, NMSU has tough games like at San Jose, at Denver, at Utah State, all games NMSU has struggled with in the past as well as first place La. Tech at home. Very impressed with the NMSU defense, more with the amount of focus the Aggies displayed on their current home stand and throughout the seven games after two straight losses to open conference play.


SM said...

I am beginning to really like this Aggie team. They lack a reliable scoring threat, but make up for that in their athleticism and defense. They still make too many dumb turnovers, especially when teams pressure them at the end of games, but their defense has been exceptional.

In my view, this has been Menzies' best year from an X's and O's standpoint. It looks like he realizes there is no "go-to" scorer, and outside Aronis (who is limited in other regards), no real outside shooter, but he has a slew of athletes and a very tall front court that can give even good shooting teams fits. I love ugly wins like these where you hold the opponent to less than 50.

This team may not make the NCAA tournament, and they may continue to struggle on the road in tough places down the stretch (Utah State and Denver?), but they will be competitive almost any night with their defense.

Anonymous said...

I like what the team is doing now. Taking care of the ball for the most part, defending, and playing to their strengths.

Am a little troubled that they can be a little erratic at the end of the game when the opponent is trying to close. Why is Watson bringing the ball up? Why aren't our better free throw shooters getting the ball in their hands then?

Anonymous said...

I think youre right Groves. But I thing the Texas State road game could be a challenge as well.

Anonymous said...

We still don't have a good half court set that gets the ball moving, and get guys off screens

Anonymous said...

Beating up on the subpar WAC makes the typical Aggie homer go crazy.

Any word on when the WAC will be adding Eastern New Mexico and Western New Mexico?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:23,

Obviously you're interested in the Aggies enough to troll this blog.

Enjoy it, loser.

Anonymous said...


What do you think about Taylor coming to NMSU?

Jason Groves said...

Having never seen him play, very athletic listed at 6-5. He has a handful of double doubles playing against elite competition so I think if he can come in and maybe play like Bandja Sy role from last year, defend, rebound and develop from there. Could have gone to bigger school, didn't because he knows Sim Bhullar well. Says a lot about the kid to me, committing early to a place he hasn't set foot on to be around people he knows/trusts.