Thursday, November 29, 2012

Was it a foul?

Was Chris Washburn over the back? Did Chili Nephawe have position? Was it a no-call?

Here is some video that includes the foul that put Washburn on the line to beat the Aggies. Thanks to Duke Keith.


Anonymous said...

Didn't look like a foul, so it was a bad call. So what. The game shouldn't have been that close.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion that last foul should have been a "no call". Washburn went over Nephawe's back but Chili was flat-footed and didn't box out. So, Washburn slithered in, over, around Nephawe for the offensive rebound.

However, the reason we lost this game was because of turnovers.

Anonymous said...

Bad call for sure. How about a box out on a man you physically should dominate? Horrible play was the reason they lost. Long year ahead. UNM will beat us by 50. That will be hard to swallow. We have regressed, UNM has improved. Post players are awful defensively and limited offensively.