Wednesday, November 16, 2011

UNM/NMSU thread

Hopefully fans can post your thoughts on the game here.

I'll start.

First of all, I had the Aggies splitting with the Lobos this year and I'm sticking to that. But after watching the Aggies play this week and thinking more about this game, I wouldn't be surprised to see NMSU pull one out. I think it's going to be a tight game anyway, but it's hard for anyone to go to UNM and come out with a win.

I think that the Lobos backcourt has a slight edge and I think the two front courts are a wash. In last year's loss at UNM, the Lobos outrebounded NMSU 48-31 with 18 offensive rebounds despite 17 rebounds from Hamidu Rahman. Rahman, Chili Nephawe, Wendell McKines and others have to hold their own with Hardeman, Gordon and Bairstow.

I think the Aggies will do a better job taking care of the ball, namely Christian Kabongo. In addition to the potential Gordon/McKines matchup, I'm looking forward to seeing when Kabongo and Kendall Williams get matched up on each other.

I have a final score of UNM 75, NMSU 70

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

McKines will HAVE to shine tonight. Bandja will have to contribute. I also think an X factor tonight could be the senior Hernst Laroache. If he can have a good shooting night from 3, the Aggies could pull it out.

Beating UNM at home requires a lot of things to go right. Including coaching.

UNM 82

Anonymous said...

I think if the Aggies can keep the final score under 10, and we have a shot at beating them at home in DEc.

By the way, why does it seem like the Aggies keep getting the UNM game at home during a break , and when the students aren't around? This years game is during Christmas break. Hasn't this been the case for a few years now?

Anonymous said...

You're going to have to score more than 60 pts to beat the Aggies. Alford could still do better if he suited up and played point himself. Way to go Menzies!

Anonymous said...

What a great game. Ugly as all hell, but entertaining.

Some lousy officiating, and even though we shot a ton of free throws, I think the calls were heavily in the loobs favor.

Is this really a Menzies team playing great defense????? I still don't believe it!!!!

What an awesome win in the pit. The one year I don't attend and we win. Go figure.

Anyway, we are going to win a lot of games if we play with the defensive intesity we showed tonight. We will also lose our share if our shooting doesn't improve, especially our 50% from the free throw line.

Lets go run the miners out of the Pan Am. I'll be there for that one and I can't wait. I hope the game sells out. Come on Las Cruces!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please Jason, use this victory to help drum up support for the next game against UTEP...if a bigger crowd shows up for this game and the aggies win big it could be a momentum boost which creates a magic season....


Anonymous said...

I cant believe the negativity...either support the team or move to Aggiequerque and support the loobs.

Anonymous said...

Groves I heard there is a job in Albq. for you. If you are the Aggie "BASKETBALL" reporter, "SUPPORT YOUR TEAM". Lobos by 5 please. I'm debating a boycott of your blog, but I want to see what other stupid predictions you have this season. Menzies get you team to the gym and have a free throw shooting contest. We would have killed the Lobos by 20.

Jason Groves said...

Anon 838, do what you have to do. It takes a lot to post an anon comment after the fact. I thought it was going to be a tight game and said I wouldn't be surprised to see an Aggie win. I'm a reporter, not a fan. It's not my job to "Support your team"

Anonymous said...

I would pick the Lobos to win in Abq 8 out of 10 games. History sort of proves that out.

Good win for the Ags. Good loss for the Lobos as they were getting the big head and needed to be brought back to earth.

Now, the Aggies need to do the same to the Miners...

Anonymous said...

Jason from now on please pick the Aggies to go undefeated and win the championship. Its only fair for Anon 8:38. I doubt many Aggie fans predictes a win last night but that does not make them bad fans.


Anonymous said...

Aggies proved me wrong as I was one that voted they'd be 1 and 1 in the poll.
Agree with anon 1:19 and never could win a debate with Jesus. The Lobos were ripe for an easy 9-pt embarrassment at home. By watching that game you'd never suspect the legislature pumps more public money into their program? If Aggies need to make free throws in a tight game I think they will. Hopefully some homer refs will seal the deal (sweep) in Pan Am, although more likely they'll be instructed to keep the Lobos in the game. Beating them by 20 in the Pit would have the same effect as Big Wen's best UTEP bulletin board tweets.

I'll get on JG's bandwagon and pick the Lobos by only 2 in the rematch because they have to drive 225 miles to a hostile court. Aggies have to be underdogs just due to the funding but we know Jason is a fan (despite he protests) and where he'd truly put his money.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion what is the most important thing about this win is that it comes so early in the season. The team is barely getting a feel for who they are and to pull off this win in the second game of the season is fantastic. I think that where most teams under Menzies have struggled to find an identity this one has not. I think that we have a very good mix of young players with older ones to lead the way. This team seems to know what they are playing for and how to play their own game. It may be too early but I think that if they already know who they are then they can be successful. I dont think we have any stars on this team, we just have players who are willing to hustle.