Thursday, November 17, 2011

Looking forward

I don't expect a NMSU letdown on Saturday against UTEP. I think the experience of this group doesn't let the team lay an egg in their home opener.

Plus there is this fact.

NMSU went 2-0 last year. The Aggies werent two games over .500 again until conference play. They were never three games over .500.

UTEP is down and I still think we haven't seen the Aggies get going offensively.

finally, NMSU hasn't started 3-0 since a 4-0 start in 2003-04. All signs point to an Aggies win on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping that the Aggies don't go into the Saturday night game looking past the Miners because they lost to a lower division school. The team they lost to just took Oklahoma State, a top 30 team, to overtime in a loss to the Cowboys.

The Miners just may be better than that loss indicates...

Anonymous said...


Sec 108 row 7 seat9 said...

At least it will be a nice chance for Miner fans to get out of Dodge and visit New Mexico. Here they can leave some money at NMSU for hot dogs, pizza and popcorn. But it will be a much longer ride home if you wear orange and blue.

Hopefully they're so focused on Wen it will open up a lot of Aggie options.