Sunday, January 23, 2011


The Aggies are 4-3 as they start playing teams for the second time this weekend and they have played everyone except La. Tech.

It could have been better, but at the same time 4-3 isn't the end of the world. I'm writing a column for Tuesday on my impressions for the Aggies and the WAC halfway through and will post it online when I'm done. I wanted to start a thread to see what has stood out to you league wide, with the Aggies, etc.


Anonymous said...

When the aggies win they are playing more of a team game. When they loose they are playing undisciplined, jacking up shots (KC) and not boxing out, following their shots, and pouting.

Just my take.

Anonymous said...

This is what stands out to me:

Reccord vs. RPI Top 100: 13-35
Reccord vs. RPI Top 101-200: 14-13
Reccord vs. RPI Top 201-300: 24-3
Reccord vs. RPI Top 300+: 15-0
Reccord vs. Non D1: 4-0
Overall: 70-51

Wins vs RPI Top 100 that are not a WAC team or UNM or UTEP, i.e. a win that people in another part of the country people might

So, for everyone that thinks Menzies is doing a good job, his record vs. the top 2/3 of D1 teams is 27-48.

Anonymous said...

Reggies Numbers in the years he was here (RPI was final RPI of that specific season) Didnt perform too well against out of top non conference opponents either. This isnt a Menzies trend as I said a couple of months ago that the team has not been a strong out of conference opponent in years. BTW, since you didnt put your name under the post I can only assume its my old pal who always rags on stats yet I guess that college kids are not the only trained monkeys out there

2005 2006

UTSA, Western

UCLA- 8, L
Sam Houston st. 112- L
New Mexico- 118-WL
San Francisco- 184-L
Chicago St-228-W
Texas Tech 144 L
Idaho 301 WW
Nevada 17 LLL
Boise St. 176 WL
Fresno St 125 WL
San Jose St 269 WW
Utah St 46 WW
Louisiana Tech 69 WL
Hawaii 100 WWL
Pacific 88- W

Record vs Top 1-100 RPI- 6-8
Record vs Top 100 RPI out of conference- 1-3
Record vs Top 101-150 RPI- 2-4
Record vs Top 150 RPI out of conference- 1-2
Record vs Top 151-200 RPI 1-2
Record vs Top 151-200 Out of conference 0-1
Record vs 200 and below RPI- 4-1


Arkansas Pine Bluff
Western New Mexico

Pacific 204 W
Loyola Marymount 187 L
Arizona 14 L
New Mexico 172 WL
Chicago St 213 WW
San Francisco 161 W
Norfolk St 284 W
Ohio 105 W
Idaho 301 WW
Hawaii 99 WW
San jose St 247 WW
Boise St 111 WWW
Louisiana Tech 192 WWL
Nevada 23 WL
Utah St 45 WWL
Fresno St 88 LL
Texas 25 L

Record vs 1-100- 5-6
1-100 out of conference 0-2
Record vs 101-125 4-0
Record out of conference 1-0
Record vs 126-150- 0-0
Record vs 151-200- 4-3
Recourd out of conference 2-1
Record Below 200- 10
Record out of conference 6-0


Anonymous said...

10-11 and 5th place in the WAC.
Yep, Marvin Menzo keeps his teams on top of the WAC.

You guys got on me when I gave MM a D- for his coaching career at NMSU.
Suck it Menzo lovers!

Anonymous said...

My take is we do not beat any good teams. We have no discipline and no toughness.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:58

We got on you beause your rationale for giving him a D- was idiotic. I dont think there is anyone here who is happy with the way that the team is playing at this point or that we cant rebound to save our lives. However, I think there are more of us who reserve judgement until the season is over and that is when you find the Aggies in the top teams of the WAC. We have half a season left to play and youre already jumping ship (dont think you were ever really on, but what are real fans for right?


Anonymous said...

I jumped ship after the 2008 WAC Champ. debacle to BSU.
The coaching was gawd awfull that season and has not improved since.

I went from 5 year season ticket holder to a selective game buyer.

Before you call me a quitter. You should call out the other 4,000 fans that no longer hold seats at the PanAm because of your crappy coach!!

Thank you Marvin for lowering the standards at out beloved university!!
You are unm & utep's dream come true!

El Guapo

Anonymous said...

1)In a SINKING Conf.
2)An AD that cannot even stand during the School Fight Song.
3)A coach that is only interested in a 3 game winning streak in March.
4)a group of good young men, but only 2 or 3 know how to play BasketBall.
5)An Asst. AD that was on the radio the other day trying to sell how good the new D-II WAC is going to be,,,,,are you serious???
6)Get out of the WAC, or athletics at NMSU will drop to such a low level that even the mens basketball program will become Western and Eastern Level.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:25:

Let's see Reggie (who I did not bring up) was 22-23 vs. RPI top 200 while MM is 27-48. I don't think your argument holds water. Also Reggie did that after inheriting a 6-24 team. MM did this after inheriting a 25-9 team. MM was also handed team with the talent to win the WAC championship with the WAC tourney at home, and we know what he did with that.

Ryan said...

My thoughts are that Marvin Menzies is building a program we can be proud of in Las Cruces. The relatively large foreign contingent may not have been ready for Division I competition right away, but they are progressing nicely with increased playing time due to injuries to some of the veteran players. More importantly in the long run, these are great people who reflect extremely well on the university. They are taking care of business in the classroom and every time I encounter any of the players around town, I am pleasantly surprised at the way they handle themselves.

A couple of reality checks for Marvin Menzies haters:
1) We lost a unanimous first-team all conference forward, Wendell McKines, before the season even started. Any coach in the nation would have a hard time replacing the heart and soul of the team.
2) We lost two of the most prolific scorers in the history of the University last year. Both Jahmar Young and J Gibson are lighting up the scoreboard playing professionally in very high-level leagues in Europe. The loss of these two guards has forced the squad to find different, less established scoring options.
3) The Aggies have a 4-3 conference record, but all of the remaining road games come against the bottom half of the league. In other words, we have already played Utah State (1st), Boise State (T-2nd), Idaho (T-2nd), and Nevada (tied with us) ON THE ROAD.

Bottom line = it is still too early to judge this team. They went through a stretch where it seemed like nobody was healthy and they have already played to toughest teams they are going to play on the road. One thing cannot be argued, though -- we match up favorably with every team in our conference as far as the CURRENT talent level and CURRENT quality of people Coach Menzies has recruited to Las Cruces.

Which other sports at NMSU can you say that about?

Let's see how this plays out these last two months. Nobody thought we would be dancing last season either. When you play in a mid-major conference, what else besides your performance in March means anything anyway?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

What else besides March means anything? Well I would argue that performance all season long has a major impact on attendance, and I think attendance matters a great deal, both to the players (and coach) and to the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

No, GS, none of those were my posts but I'm glad others are finally speaking up and agreeing with me. You know nothing GS and you weren't even born when NM State had it's glory days of really should shut it. You're just another college kid with a bad attitude..but when you get out in the real world you will be put in your place...we have all been in your place at one time or another.

More and more people are saying the same things I have said before on this blog and it's obvious you are the minority.

Anonymous said...

Good teams perform well from beginning to end and not one Menzies team has done so. For those old enough to remember before 2006, Menzies is not up to par in comparison to past Aggie coaches. Theus was only here two years and he did an excellent job, don't even try to say Menzies is doing better or equal...that is the stupidest thing ever. I try not to use rude terms, but GS is a straight out idiot.

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny how GS thinks it's me making all these'm glad others are speaking their minds and putting GS in his/her only make yourself look more and more like an idiot GS. My initials are RT and I live in San Antonio, Texas and I grew up in Las Cruces..I'll give you that much..which is a lot more than what you have no leg to stand on by demanding others identify're a punk. I have an education and a real career and I'm not going to risk that career to please a know-it-all loser like you. You have a bad attitude and I'm sure you will get fired from a lot of jobs with your arrogant, self-righteous personality. Real grown-ups have jobs and families to protect, so of course they are going to be anonymous...even blogs like this can cost someone their's obvious you are not old enough to understand things like that.

Anonymous said...

This just in....
Kabongo just bricked another one

Anonymous said...

Anoth Utah State Aggie just blew by Gordo.

Anonymous said...

Menzies overall record is 69-52.

Some might say it's a pretty good record but, it's those slow starts and ugly loses early in the season that just turn fans away!

Couple that with a 3-13 rivalry record and a losing record with 10 or more losses by January!! And you got some very dissapointed fans!

This happens every year and we are fed up with this pattern!

Reggie did have a 10 loss season his last year but, that 10th loss came vs. Texas in the NCAA tournament!

Menzies teams have 10 losses by mid January!

Anonymous said...

Watching how the Utah fans support their team just reinforced how bad our attendance continues to be. When I hear post-game comments talking about 5000+ in attendance, I can't help but wonder who is tallying the numbers. I know it's a sore spot to continue to bring up Reggie, but he reached out to the students and kept them interested in attending the games. Menzies has made no overtures towards improving attendance, with students or the community, other than weak pleas on post-game interviews to get people in to support the team. I'm a season ticket holder and will continue to support the Aggies, despite our lackluster coach. And yes, I get frustrated with the lack of wins, but I've rarely been disappointed with these young men who continue to try their hardest to win these ball games. Rather than sitting there with your arms crossed, challenging the team to entertain you, support this team with a little energy and enthusiasm. Who may be mutually beneficial.

Anonymous said...

I am a Gordo Castillo fan but if your trying to make a point, let me point this out. So far this season, Gordo (a guard) has played 546 minutes and has 18 assists. Troy (a forward) has played 445 minutes and has 7 assists. I would think Gordo being a guard and only having 18 assists would be an issue for you. That is one assist per every 30.33 minutes played or less than one per every game he has played in. How many times has Gordo or Troy passed to Kabango and then Kabango missed or thrown it to Hamidu and Hamidu then turned it over. This is not a great offensive team. With Wendall back next year it will improve everybodys stats. It will be too late for Gordo though.

Anonymous said...

Until Menzies starts caring about the early season non-conference games as well as the conference games I will not be able to support him as our coach. It is now obvious to me that his highest aspirations for Aggie BB are to win the WAC tourney and get a sorry 14 seed in the tourney. Sorry, but my aspirations are top 25 and at-large bids. Call me crazy.

Vertical Leap said...

Troy Gillenwater is an outstanding player and fun to watch. I think every team would love to have one of him on their team.