Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scouting Utah State

It sounds like the two keys to making tonight's game competitive or having a chance to win are two things that NMSU doesn't do particularly well — Rebounding and transition defense.

Utah State allows a league low 58.2 points per game, mainly because they are a good rebounding team and limit opponents to one shot. NMSU might have to be patient tonight because second chances are few and far between. Utah State plays mostly man-to-man although they showed a 1-2-2 zone in road wins at Nevada and Boise State.

Once Utah State gets a rebound, they are good in transition and perhaps better in the half court. Although they have a lot of sets to prepare to, most end with getting Wesley the ball on the block. He mostly needs a screen to get him there though. Jardine, Wesley and Bendall are their primary frontcourt players, so NMSU should be able to match up with Gillenwater, Rahman and Nephawe.

Utah State isn't different with Brockeith Pane running the point compared to the last couple of years with Jared Quayle. They are different players, with Pane being more of a driver and mid-range player where Quayle was the team's best 3-point threat. Look for NMSU to play more zone than they have against Utah State in the past because Pooh Williams and Tyler Newbold aren't shooting with the same accuracy as they have in the past. Although Williams has hit some big shots against NMSU in the past.

Like I said in a previous post. I think the Aggies are capable of coming up with a win tonight, but I don't expect it. They haven't won there since 2006. I think tonight's game will be beneficial to see exactly what works against Utah State so when they visit Las Cruces and potentially in the WAC Tournament on a neutral floor, the Aggies can see where they stand.

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Anonymous said...

Defense first. All around killer defense...transition, half court, whatever. Rebounding is important, but defense more so. Defense will lead to offense.