Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thoughts on Wendell McKines?

McKines was driven to return but he sounded like he wouldn't be where he wanted to be by the middle of January.

He hasn't played a full season since his sophomore year. It was really his only full season at NMSU since he was a role player as a freshman behind fifth-year seniors. Playing against UNM and UTEP at full strength was also something he talked about.

In the end, I don't see his decision as that much of a surprise, but I do believe it was a frustrating decision for him to make.

From covering this team for four years, I've learned to expect the unexpected but it does seem like McKines is intent on returning to NMSU next year. If Troy Gillenwater were to return, the expectations would certainly be high.


Anonymous said...

We all had high expectations for this season and especially for that road trip to start the season. Injuries have plagued the team this season and fortunately for us, that has been the only problems. There has been no other issues that the team has battle with and that is welcomed. I think that Wen made the right choice. Nothing is certain and next year might be even worse than this one. But if everything goes right for us, no one that matters leaves, and they are all eligible next season then we are looking at LaRoche, Wen, Gillenwater, Hamidu and Kabongo to start in my opinion. That is a pretty solid line up. With those starting five, we have a bench that will also be solid. Watson, Chili, West, Dixon, should all be good role players. I think we would be the best team in the WAC hands down with that team.

I think that this team can still do pretty well in WAC play and this decision will benefit the bench players in the long run because they get more minutes now. I just dont see many reasons why he would have come back to play 14 games when he has the option to play a full schedule next season.


Anonymous said...

This situation is what the medical redshirt is for. I'm glad he's gotten the right advice because I really didn't think he'd stick around to play a full senior season and accumulate career stats. College goes by quick and especially the senior year. Maybe he sees breaking the foot in the first week as a blessing now that the bone is healed because of all the experience these guys that have not played in the US are getting? I wouldn't have wished the fracture on him but have sure enjoyed watching his teammates get court time and valuable game experience. Who predicted Chili would be this good this quick? Anybody blaming Menzies saying he's indiffernent to losing has not been watching the games. It has to be frustrating for Wendell to watch but now that the decision is made he's the kind of kid that will have fun on the sidelines. Hope Troy takes a victory lap with him next year, too, although the WAC really doesn't hold out any opportunity for Troy after this year. Being old school, I prefer Menzies' and Lou's four-year student athletes to McCarthy's juco transfer juggernaut. Winning in the Big West was fun but nothing to brag in a blogpost about, except getting that rare chance to play the Runnin' Rebels on ESPN Big Monday midnight east coast start time and a young Bill Walton in the Pan Am as color man.

Way to go Wendell. You're going to leave good legacy when it's all said and done and some astounding rebound numbers given your position.

Anonymous said...

Remi Berry and Daniel Mullings are real deal talents.

I know Gillenwater is a pro but do you guys see him leaving after his jr year?

I hope not.

Anonymous said...

Big Wen made the right decision for him and for Aggie fans that want to see his hustle for a full season!!

If everyone stays focused, we will win the WAC and get back to the Big Dance next year!


Anonymous said...

Glad Wendall is healing and coming back next year. It would be nice to have him for an entire season.

For those who think that returning from a broken foot is a sure, 6-week turnaround, go back to the Holiday Inn Express and spend another day or two.

Anonymous said...

That might have been a game where actually Kareem Abdul Jabbar came in to do commentating. Have to dive into the vault for that one?

Sam said...

Actually, I believe this is just a regular redshirt. I don't think Wendell has used his redshirt while at New Mexico State (there was some discussion last season about possibly using it if he couldn't make grades).

If something were to go awry next season with an injury early in the season and were projected to miss the entire season, he could apply for a medical redshirt, though I seriously doubt he would want to sit out another season and try to come back in 2012-2013.

Anonymous said...

Oh, okay Dr. Anonymous 11:10,

Appreciate that clarification. Next time use a surgical glove and warm your hand up before checking my prostate, if you wouldn't mind. Wendell's like Herb Pope in that regard. The guy could probably be carrying a couple of slugs around in him and still dominate in the WAC. Broken foot? No big deal. Herb Pope haters, -- cup check!

It did not occur to me how hard it had to be for Big Wen to watch the Miners and Lobos roll over NMSU the last two years; except for when JY briefly went off in Haskins Cntr last year with Mick Durham prowling the sidelines. All these fans complain about losing rivalry games but think about poor Wendell who could have actually stepped on the court and DONE something about it. Heck, Trei Steward was ready to get in there and mix it up if he had some eligibility.

Let's see, if you're Troy you'd be saying; 'I could stay at NMSU one more year and pay Barbara Couture her salary or I could be getting that $$$ direct deposited into my own bank account ....hmmmm??? Love to come back and whip Steve Alford's heiny for you but I already did that last year and the refs called an offensive foul on me, deciding the outcome. Then you go to the WAC tourney and they give the freaking semi-final game to the other Aggies. Thanks for all the yuks, Mr. Benson.'
Hope I'm wrong again because I did not think Wendell would come back for 2012. This ought to make other WAC teams look for a new conference.

Anonymous said...

Re: the Sy article. How about some comments from his anonymous detractors? The guy's got a super long stride and gets up the court but quick. They need to build an outlet transition game around this kid, which means other people will have to box out on the defensive end. I think B.J. West can do it and Dixon can definitely keep people off the glass in either Troy or Ham's spot. I enjoy the better motion in the offense this year but go ahead and have few possessions where you release the shot in under 6 seconds with some trailers following the play. No guard should stop Bandja from dunking. Put in the the old Loyola Marymount, Paul Westhead wrinkle at this point and run some people out of the gym.

Anonymous said...

Is there any real truth to this talk of Troy possibly leaving? He is a good player but is he really ready to leave the college ranks and make money playing ball? I dont think so. I'm not saying this because I'm thinking in the teams best interests next season. I just dont think if he leaves he will do anything special this year. This is the first season when we really get a good look at him and I think that if he is able to be second in scoring so far, he can really dominate the conference next season and make himself a better player. But to make the jump because he is having one good season? I dont think that will turn out to well for him. There hasnt been any Aggies recently that have made it to the NBA and I find it hard to think that Troy will break that negative streak. Here is a link that evaluates Troy on his abilities.


Anonymous said...

Aggie Nation Even though this season is not over, next season will be our year if troy returs next year we will dominate the WAC as well as UNM and UTEP hands down. I begin to see the big picture oach Menzies has been putting together. even without Troy returning the team will still dominate we have a very good recruit Remi Berry who will lace them up next year. This kid was looked at by UCLA and St. John's University. ESPN had him nationally ranked at 28, either way what ever happens this year this Aggie is ready for the return of wendell.