Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gillenwater limping

Troy Gillenwater left the court before his teammates during pregame. He was dressed and looked like he was going to try to go but he looked to be favoring  a foot or an ankle.


Sam said...

ESPN guys said he re-injured his ankle during warmups and could miss the game

Anonymous said...

Good angle for your SN article today, btw JG. Yeah, taking the open left side of the lane dribbling and finishing left-handed completed the shock and awe affect for me after TG's entrance. Really nothing Hawaii could do to contain the guy. Excellent re-wrap of that ankle and hope it didn't swell up today. Need him back for SJSU tomorrow. El Paso's Beau Bagley said he had 8 rebounds but maybe that was just in the 3 or 4 mins they were there filming for the 10 o'clock news!

Jason Groves said...
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