Monday, August 30, 2010


I've seen some confusion over scholarship players for the Aggies. Here are the current 12 scholarship Aggies as of right now. If Remi Barry is cleared, he could receive the 13th or perhaps it would remain open for the year.

Gordo Castillo SR
Wendell McKines SR
Troy Gillenwater R-JR
Hamidu Rahman R-JR
Hernst Laroche JR
Abdoulaye N'doye (Soph, but really a JR eligibility wise)
Bandja Sy (Soph)
Tyrone Watson (Soph)
BJ West (Soph)
Christian Kabongo (Fr.)
Tshilidzi Nephawe (Fr.)
Renaldo Dixon (R-FR)

Will not practice with team but will be on campus and set to join team in 2011
Remi Barry
Daniel Mullings


Anonymous said...

Anything on the schedule yet??

Franklin said...

Any news on when the schedule will be released?

Anonymous said...

Did Robert Lumpkins Graduate? That is a very important piece of information regarding NMSU basketball!

Anonymous said...

Kevin McCarthy at Parsing the WAC brings up an interesting point...what happens if Remi Barry and/or Daniel Mullings are cleared for this season?

Jason Groves said...

I have been told Lumpkins earned his undergrad. Mullings will not be on the court this year and it sounds like the clearance of Barry due to several schools in different countries will be a drawn out process.

justin said...

Lump either has to have earned his bachelors and be enrolled in a Rutgers grad program that NMS doesn't offer, or he has to sit out a season. I don't think he has a redshirt season left to burn, so common sense corroborates Groves.