Friday, August 13, 2010

Final game

Aggies Win Final Game of Foreign Tour
OTTAWA, Ontario (Aug. 13)-The New Mexico State mens basketball team concluded its preseason foreign tour in Canada with a 65-53 win over Carleton University in an exhibition game. The Aggies finished the tour 5-1. 
 Today’s scheduled game was cancelled.
Senior guard Gordo Castillo scored a team-high 16 points while junior guard Hernst Laroche had 13. Junior center Hamidu Rahman recorded 12 points, all in the second half, and freshman guard Christian Kabongo finished with 11. 

The Aggies posted a 37-25 advantage at halftime. Kabongo led all scorers with 11 points and both Laroche and Castillo added nine in the first 20 minutes of action. NM State finished its trip against a Ravens program that has won six of the last eight national championships. 
 NMSU finished the tour 5-1.

New Mexico State       1          2          Total Points
Christian Kabongo*      11        0          11
Hernst Laroche*        9          4          13
Hamidu Rahman*       0          12        12
Gordo Castillo  *       9          7          16
Tyrone Watson*       4          3          7
Drew Herig           0          0          0
Bandja Sy            0          0          0
B.J. West            4          2          6
Abdoulaye Ndoye       0          0          0
Totals               37        28        65

Carlton                1          2          Total Points
Michael Kenny*           0          3          3
Elliot Thompson*          2          3          5
Cole Hobin*             2          8          10
Aaron Chapman*         0          0          0
Thomas Scrubb*          2          0          2
Willy Manigat          7         6          13
Kyle Smendziuk          0          8          8
Kevin Churchill         2          0          2
Tyson Hinz              3          0          3
Philip Scrubb    3       0          3
Dan Penner               4          0          4
Totals                  25        28        53


chilero said...

So Jason, what were some of your impressions coming away from the trip?

Watson emerging as a star?
Rahman making more strides?
KA-BANG - newest Aggie to be excited about?

Whachoo thank?

Anonymous said...

Jason, do you have the per player stats (minutes, ppg, rpg, asst, to's, etc...) over the six game canadian tour???

Anonymous said...

here's what you know. they played low level teams and won all but one. the young players who mm wouldn't play last year got some valuable minutes. troy and wendell weren't there so others had to step in to the go to player roles which is a good thing. the reasons troy and wen didn't go on trip; broken ankle and passport issues, are a bunch of hog wash. the drama around these two guys continues. troy was walking on campus the other day and he sure didn't look like a broken ankle victim. keep buying that stuff mm is selling! i'm sure mm and the others enjoyed being around this team and learning more about them. keep giving mm your hard earned money so he can continue bringing in guys who won't go to class and who will be in trouble with the law. go aggies.