Monday, August 2, 2010

Aggie practice

I spoke with seniors Gordo Castillo and Wendell McKines before the Aggies practiced on Monday evening. It's hard to believe they are both seniors. McKines is the first player Menzies signed and he has had an interesting career so far in Las Cruces and I started working at the Sun News for Castillo's senior season at Las Cruces High.

I asked McKines if it's any different getting ready to practice in August rather than October. He did say for the returning players, they are treating the trip like it's March in order to show younger players how to get ready.

"I've heard of other schools  going to other countries during the summer but it's the first time we get to do it. I'm just ready to go. I've been ready to go after Michigan State. Just throw me in the jungle with the wolves. We are ready to go."

McKines on what he's heard about Canada from his Canadian teammates.

"They always brag about Canada. It's going to be good to see how their lives were before Cruces. It will be good for them too because they never get to play at home so I'm excited for them."

It looked like everyone was present on Monday. I didn't see Robert Lumpkins and there were a couple of players who I have yet to meet but I'll work on that. It's August. Troy Gillenwater didn't practice but was working out in the training room after he injured an ankle on Sunday.

If you read my story in today's paper, apparently I said Renaldo Dixon had "issues" regarding the NCAA. Dixon has been cleared and could play this season but cannot play in Canada and isn't even on campus yet. Menzies said he hasn't decided who to redshirt yet for next season.

Another quick note. Jack Nixon will not be making the trip to Canada, but I will post stats on here when I get them and they will be on as well.

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