Saturday, August 7, 2010

Personnel for Canada

From the NMSU Athletics Dept. as of Saturday afternoon with the team scheduled to leave Sunday.

Currently, the travel status for walk-on point guard Drew Herig and senior forward Wendell McKines is unknown due to passport issues. This concern doesnt affect regular season eligibility. Also due to an injury, junior forward Troy Gillenwater is not expected to play in Canada but is traveling with the team.

Herig's passport arrived on Saturday and the Aggies hope McKines will join them in Canada at some point during the week.

Gillenwater is out 4 weeks with started as a bruise that turned into a hairline fracture in his ankle. He won't need surgery, but I think it's smart to hold him out of games if he's not 100 percent at this stage, although it would likely frustrate coaches that they won't have a full compliment to tinker with lineups in Canada. I guess it's a good thing for younger players to be able to get more experience.

Here is the schedule so far.

Tuesday Aug. 10

11 a.m.-Aggies vs. McGill
6 p.m.-Aggies vs. Vanier 

Wednesday, Aug. 11
11 a.m.-Aggies vs. McGill
6 p.m.-Aggies vs. Dawson 

Thursday, Aug. 12
6 p.m.-Aggies vs. Kia All-Stars

Friday, Aug. 13
5 p.m.-Aggies vs. Carleton

Saturday, Aug. 14
10 a.m.-Aggies vs. Carleton


Anonymous said...

A passport is noting but paperwork...Why does paperwork always seem to be a problem for NMSU and its players?

Anonymous said...

Passport issues now?

Anonymous said...

If the player has to pay for their own passport, maybe Wendall had a hard time coming up with the $140.00, he does have a child to support.

Anonymous said...

Thats a clever way of covering up the fact that his legal issues keep him from leaving the country...or was he still working on his school work? I love how aggie fans are so desperate for this team to win, that they will accept all kinds of thugs! I'll bet you the all mighty menzies enjoyed this group on the road and loved not having troy and wendell around. sure he did, but he would never just play the other kids cuz he has sold his soul for wins so he and boston can love on each other.