Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ags still looking for a guard?

I found out who the mystery guard that I couldn't identify on Monday. He was Sandia grad Drew Herig, who will be a walk-on point guard but will not make the Canada trip.

Former UConn guard Jamaal Trice was on the NMSU campus recently. Trice didn't get a lot of time at UConn, but he's from L.A., which could explain his relationship with Menzies.


IndyAg said...

Jason --

Thanks for the recruiting news! It will be interesting to see who they fill that extra scholarship with. Any thoughts on our chances of landing Trice?


Anonymous said...

Landing Trice would be huge. He was a top 100 Guard and had offers from other Big East and ACC schools. Not sure why he was buried on the depth chart at UConn but it would be a huge gain for State and Menzies.

H-Town Aggie said...

Hey Jason, any reports on the games from Canada and specifically about Kabongo would be great! Trice would give us depth at the 2 guard for a few years if we can somehow get him....Jahmar who? Seems like a long shot as he is looking at some higher profile schools than NMSU.