Thursday, June 10, 2010

A little more APR

Here is a searchable APR database if you are extremely bored or have no life like myself.

Some highlights
WAC schools....It appears La. Tech was penalized a scholarship. Among other things Graham did was keep his APR up, still puzzled on that firing.
NMSU 900
Boise State 986
La. Tech 912
San Jose State 909
Idaho 922
Nevada 938
Utah State 946

University of New Mexico had a 923 and UTEP had a 921 but it said the Miners will also be docked a scholarship.


Anonymous said...

where is the commentary on the potential shake up of the WAC... lets be honest... what the hell is NMSU going to do now that the BCS payment (hundreds of k) we have been gettin from Boise St. the past years is gone?

Anonymous said...

the APR is the dumbest thing ever put in by the NCAA. It makes no sense. It also gives the student-athletes all the power and very little to the coaches. Instead of getting rid of bad students; like those guys on our mens basketball team, we have to keep them around the receive retention points on them. they get scholarship money which covers their room and board and gives them money to go party on. its a joke.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:14, are you serious? Do you really believe that Menzies is keeping Troy and Wendell here for APR purposes and if there was no APR to worry about, he would get rid of them? If there was no APR to worry about, Menzies will recruit more thugs to come play for him for a year or two and then let them go because he cares very little if his athletes graduate or not.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:30 so you honestly believe that Menzies doesn't care if his players graduate? Wow I love how people type with no thought or just are ill informed and type dumb logic anyway. Yeah I'm sure as an African American coach with Two degrees one from UCLA can care less if his players succeed. Have you looked at our roster lately? after 3 years of building our program Coach Menzies has a solid roster with good players and people. maybe 2-3 academic challenged kids on the team tops!Hopefully coach doesn't read this blog or he'll be looking for an agent an another opportunity where there are at least knowledgeable fans and bolt like Barbee!