Friday, June 18, 2010

Aggies approved for international tour

Marvin Menzies said that the Aggies have gained approval for an international tour late this summer.

"We are currently looking into a trip to Canada. A final decision should come next week as to where we are going and when. Obviously, it's a huge competitive advantage with the 10 practice days and playing games that early with all of your new players."

Menzies said NCAA rules regarding these trips require players to be enrolled in the summer, which the Aggies' players are.

The Aggies went on a similar trip prior to the NCAA tournament season of 2006, playing three games in British Columbia and Vancouver.


Anonymous said...

I guess Canada's works out best, not so far nor so hard on the budget. It's too bad that NMSU couldn't play more competitive basketball teams than those in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Lets see how many of the returning players get to go on this trip due to grades. Now you all know where the money MENZIES squeezes out of you for 6th man club crap is going.

IndyAg said...

Not sure if the money is coming from the 6th man club or not, but where else would you rather him spend the money? Some people like to complain just hear themselves complain.