Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aggies regain scholarship

The Aggies will get their 13th scholarship back for the upcoming season after playing the last two years with 12 scholarships. Off the top, for those Menzies haters out there, they lost it after his first year, which would have been a Reggie Theus team.

The current APR cycle of four years includes both of Reggie's seasons and two Menzies seasons. The important thing to remember is that it's a four-year average and the reason the hoops team was so low was because of the turnover from Lou Henson's last couple of years to RT and then Menzies. Now that low score is off the average and the men's team reaches the all-important benchmark of 900, they regain the scholarship.

What could have been?

The most interesting thing that I learned was that the NCAA could have yanked postseason consideration prior to last season. Of course we all know that the Aggies went on to have some postseason success.

So with the re-gained scholarship, the Aggies have one to fill. Menzies said Troy Gillenwater will get a scholarship back as well as incoming freshmen Nephawe and Kabongo. Menzies said there are a handful of players he is monitoring this summer in terms of academics and interest level or he could save it for following this year when the Aggies only lose seniors in McKines and Castillo and Lumpkins.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope we go into the start of the new basketball season with a full roster. The Aggie basketball team certainly would not have started the season 3-6 had all the players been eligible.

Anonymous said...

Why Lumpkins is on scholarship is beyond me. He's a no talent punk who's only good at following thuggish leads from JY.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:11, do you even KNOW Lumpkins? When have you heard of him following around JY and being involved in altercations off the court? And who are you to pass judgment which player should have a scholarship and which not?

Anonymous said...

amazing how you people will support a bunch of idiots and bad students, just cuz you think they will win a game or two.
at a sad time, the passing of a great man and coach Mr. John Wooden, is it too much to ask for all our coaches and young people to carry their load. nmsu is not a win at all cost place, but you sure want it to be. why is it our mens hoops team can't bring in players we are proud of and who can still help us win a game or two? enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Heard a rumor that Lumpkins isn't returning next season. Is that true? Also, is Tyrone Watson getting a scholarship?