Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WAC looking into JY incident

There have been numerous message board and blog posts stemming from an incident that resulted in a Jahmar Young technical foul just before the half at Utah State on Saturday.

According to some accounts, Utah State coach Stew Morrill addressed Young directly, which is certain unusual for any coach.

WAC Commissioner Karl Benson cited the altercation between New Mexico coach Steve Alford and a BYU player earlier this season that resulted in a statement by the conference. The WAC has reprimanded a number of coaches for criticizing officials this year.

"Conferences have policies addressing confrontations between coaches and players and coaches and officials. All I can say is that it's under review," Benson said.

Here's an interesting quote from Morrill in the Logan newspaper

Jardine and Young got tangled up in front of the USU bench. Jardine came up with the steal and called timeout. Young had to be restrained and eventually was whistled for a technical - Quayle sank both free throws with 36.7 seconds left in the half. Menzies and Morrill then exchanged words as the crowd roared.

"We got a little fire going, I know that," Morrill said. "I haven't wanted to fight for a long time, but I did right then. I probably wouldn't have lasted long, but I would have got my licks in. It got a little emotional, but that's OK. Sometimes that's what it takes. Brady was just hustling, didn't do anything wrong."


Anonymous said...

I watched the broadcast and didn't see what occurred that drew the technical. It did look like the Utah State coach was mouthing something to Jahmar, though I don't know if there is enough evidence from the tape one way or the other.

I'm more interested in knowing what happened to cause him to get the technical. Did the Utah State player do something to cause the NMSU player to get out of line or did Jahmar get frustrated and just lash out.

Anonymous said...

How can a coach say those things and not be suspended. He not only cussed at JY. He said he wanted to fight JY. What kind of crap is that.

Anonymous said...

...and this is how the Don Haskins WAC Coach of the Year is supposed to behave?

It's kind of like the Nobel Prize...they're just giving the damn thing away!
The "Bear" must be rolling around in his grave.