Monday, March 29, 2010


I asked Marvin Menzies what he thought of Michigan State’s advancing to its sixth Final Four after narrowly escaping his Aggies in the first round.
“I’m happy for them but it’s a little bittersweet. You are happy that the team you lost to is so competitive and playing so well without their guards. We played them to a very close game and they have been playing without their starting point guard since. It should be motivation for our kids. If it doesn’t inspire motivation for their offseason work, there is something wrong with their psyche.”

“I always thought we had the talent to play at that level, but they went through ups and downs like us. It’s just different adversities. When they pulled it together they have been playing well and it’s kind of what we did as well.”

Some important dates concerning recruiting.

April 1-8 is a dead period
April 8 at noon - April 21 is a contact period except for April 12-15.

Signing period runs from April 14 - May 19


jb said...


I know that staff can't comment on potential recruits, but do you have anything to say about our search for a Gibson replacement? It seems like one of our targets, Jay Harris, just verbaled to Valpo.

Anonymous said...


What's with the big kid from Notre Dame Prep that the Aggies (according to PTW) apparently got a verbal from? Any word on that?

Anonymous said...

Ditto- Do you have any news of any recruits that we are looking at? Also is it indeed a fact they we signed that 6-10 Center from France that is at a prep school back east.

Jason Groves said...

As far as I know, the Aggies haven't signed anyone yet . I have also heard that the kid from Notre Dame Prep didn't have a great year, not sure what the Aggies current interest level is in him