Sunday, March 21, 2010

Notes from the Michigan State game

I forgot to post these following the game, but here are some noteworthy facts about the Aggies to send you into the offseason.

NMSU is not 10-20 in the NCAA Tournament.

Jahmar Young moves into second place all time for points in a season with 689. His 13 against Michigan State moved him past John Williamson (678) and he was short of Jimmy Collins' 754 points.

Jonathan Gibson's 106 3-point field goals made this season were a school record, passing Denmark Reid's 104.

Michigan State was outscored in the second half for the ninth time this season (38-28) was the second time this season the Spartans were outscored by more than five points in the second half.

Michigan State is 19-5 all time in the first round

The Spartans are 22-1 this season when holding opponents to fewer than 70 points. and they are 22-1 when leading at the half.


Anonymous said...

Thought the Ags had a very good year once conference play started and McKines and Gillenwater joined the team. What I'd like to see next year that will help us:
(1) The players need to take academics seriously, especially McKines and Gillenwater.
(2) JY needs to quit being a punk and focus on being the best player he can be. The guy has immense talent, but his cockiness could stunt his development into being the best player he can be. Confidence is a good thing; cockiness leads to disrespecting your opponent, the officials, and even the coaches.
(3) A new player or two who contribute. That was desperately lacking this year. An outside shooting guard and another big body would be nice.
(4) Menzies needs to continue to grow has a head coach. I thought he did reasonably well this year after getting all his players.
(5) Better support from the locals. I agree the team started slowly and had disappointing home games vs UNM and UTEP. But when they turned things around, there seemed to be little support. When I would watch on TV, the empty rows behind the teams was a sore sight - definitely not attractive to a player considering NMSU.

Whining aside, I thought the Ags had a very respectful showing in the NCAA. Better than the Loobs, who barely beat a weak team and got blown out when they played an opponent from a power conference.

Aggie Glare

Alan said...

All in All, I guess MM must feel somewhat vindicated after all the hate with this season but also, the whole Herb Pope thing. My God that guy is a theme in search of a movie and Menzies let him go at exactly the right time!

Aggie007 said...

I know this isn't exactly the venue, but it is the closest I can find.
I have been reading online and heard on a broadcast that a dark-horse candidate to become coach at Seton Hall is Reggie Theus. The broadcast said he had been in touch with the SH AD, but won't discuss anything until after the season.
Could be an interesting match.

Anonymous said...

Herb did make a bad decision in the NIT but he is still a great player. He lead the Big East in rebounding. That speaks volumes for any player. He averaged a true double-double. He also left on his own account MM didnt get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

Herb Pope is a train wreck. Big deal, so he can rebound. A year's worth of rebounds is not worth the one game of utter stupidity that young man exhibited in the NIT. With all the nonsense in his life, he adds to it.

He is a train wreck waiting to happen. Seton Hall can have him. What a waste of a scholarship.

Anonymous said...

Justin---Once again we are left wondering what could have been with the end of that season. I think the goal for next season has to be making an appearance in the top 25, and winning a game in the dance.....OK maybe I'm over-excited.

But Marvin Mezies has got a hall pass for his bad coaching in my book for the last couple seasons because of all the great recruiting we heard of. But it seems like most of his guys are fizzling out. Now he's proven able to win some big games, so I hope the talent keeps flowing in.

Can you comment on what the true potential of BJ West, Banja Sy, and Nephawe are? It seems like Tyrone Watson is next off the bench, but I'm not too hyped for that. Seems to have a good motor, but needs to know his role. Hopefully he's not jacking up ill-advised shots like McKines & Gibson did all year.

Is this the ideal starting 5?
1 - LaRoche
2 - Young
3 - McKines
4 - Gillenwater
5 - Rahman

Sounds like we need another PG and another 2. Is Standley the guy in the backcourt rotation with Castillo?

Anonymous said...

I can't see Theus going to SH. They are trying to clean up their act.

Alan said...

Hi Anon. 3:40, the way I recall it, he requested a release and then decided to stay when it looked as though he would be ineligible and went back and forth and then something happened (what? maybe you know!, I don't...) and MM turned around and officially released him...because he was going back and forth, back and forth....yea, he is a rebounding machine and great talent....If, as I assume, MM actually did release him, I would call that a defining moment for him as a coach....when that team began to be his...I imagine that would have impressed the players that were there....with a message...we are not going to be held hostage by one players shenanigans even if that player has GREAT talent....I respect that...

in other news, Jason, are you going to write some wrap up entry at some point?

Jason Groves said...

Alan, of course I am. Probably tomorrow. It's been difficult shifting my focus from NCAA hoops, which consumed me for five days in Spokane, to high school baseball and softball.

Anonymous said...

Any recruiting news?

Jason Groves said...

I know Menzies is in California recruiting at the moment. I haven't been made aware of any verbal commitments yet, other than Nephawe.