Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aggies get No. 12 seed

I'll have more on Monday, but here is some video from Sunday's viewing part at the Fulton Center. Menzies said some nice words as well. Videos courtesy of Lucas Peerman.

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Anonymous said...

I was watching the Kentucky-Miss. St. game today and the announcers said teams like NM State winning their conference tourneys hurt the chances of bubble teams like Seton Hall. How ironic and fun playing in the NIT Mr. Herb Pope.

Anonymous said...

I've been a Menzies critic for the past couple of years and he just shut me up!

He did say on Senior night that "..were bringing back the WAC Championship back to Las Cruces.."
& he backed up those words!!

He's got them playing some really good ball on both sides of the court.
Let's make a deep run thru the NCAA and go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I was watching the Kentucky-Miss. St. game today and the announcers said teams like NM State winning their conference tourneys hurt the chances of bubble teams like Seton Hall. How ironic and fun playing in the NIT Mr. Herb Pope.
March 14, 2010 9:53 PM


I find those kinds of statements by sports announcers to be a little silly. The only teams that are guaranteed getting in the tourney are the conference tournament champs. The "bubble teams" chances are hurt because they haven't won their conference they hurt their own chances, not some other team that rises to the occasion.

Teams like Houston and NMSU guaranteed themselves their spots. Teams like UTEP, Utah State, and even UNM didn't take care of business and must rely on the vagaries of the at-large selection process.

So...poor Seton Hall can just enjoy its NIT or CBI bid as that is what it earned.

Anonymous said...

can you provide and estimate of the $ that NMSU's appearance in "the dance" will generate for the university. It will be nice to put that number next to MM salary and bonuses for comparison.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt NM State and Menzies did a good job in the WAC tournament this year, but my point would be that this should be the
3rd straight WAC championship and NCAA bid (4th overall including Theus' WAC championship and NCAA appearance)under Menzies. I'm glad the Aggies are in the NCAA but this shouldn't excuse all the failures of Menzies.

Is it going to be like this every year? Depending on the Aggies to win the WAC tournament and getting swept by the Lobos every year.

I hope that maybe Menzies has learned to coach D-I but I also hope Boston doesn't blindly hand Menzies another extension and then end up regretting it later.

Again, I think it's good the Aggies made the NCAA...but Menzies shouldn't be let off the hook that easily. I think Boston should let Menzies' contract run it's course through 2012 and then decide at that time if he deserves an extension.

Anonymous said...

Anon, March 15, 2010 10:37 AM

"...Is it going to be like this every year? Depending on the Aggies to win the WAC tournament and getting swept by the Lobos every year..."


The Aggies are better off winning the WAC tourney rather than being at the mercy of the selection committee. Look at Utah State and UTEPs records. They were the last two at large teams in with a total of 7 and 6 losses, respectively. To be certain of an at-large invite, the Aggies would have to be in the 3 or 4 loss range.

What would be tougher? 3-4 losses or a tourney win?

jimmy said...

Anon 10:37
You'd be much more comfortable with a big-name coach in a league that routinely gets 5 or 6 at-large bids in addition to the automatic bid for their conf. tourney winner, I take it.

The WAC ain't that kind of league. Neither was the Big West, the Sun Belt, the MVC and whatever NMSU was in '99. The MWC teams that deserted the WAC got 4 teams (plus UTEP got seeded 12 like NMSU) in but I think the LoBlows are set up for failure with that 3-seed. Lunardi projected them at a four, which is probably still high based on watching Lobo's games. Talk about the Aggies squeaking out the close games...
Neither the bloggers nor Boston can hold Menzies to the same performance standards of a major power conference team when Groves just told you what his salary and incentives are. ...just enjoy this next tilt with the Spartans and hope Wendell and Troy can ring him up the $25K bonus, although I think the Terps will give them a little more of a game in the 2nd round. It sucks to be Jimmy when his favorite two teams have to go at it on Sunday, meaning one won't get to the Sweet 16. J. Gibson will have a little bit to say about the MI State outcome going up against a gimpy Kalin Lucas.

Unknown said...

My wife and I were in Reno for the tournament and I don't have to tell you what a privilege it was. We had trouble initially getting seat because except for small areas of not so choice seats, the good seats were for Nevada fans. Anyway, I told the lady who helped me that I was a basketball fan with no particular affiliation (I graduated from Montana and my wife graduated from NMSU) so it wasn't too big of stretch. Anyway, we had a great time and the Nevada fans were very nice, even though we were rooting for the Aggies. I'll end this with a question that will probably never be read. We were away and didn't remember to tape the Nevada and Utah State games. Does anyone know how I can get CD's of the game? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:37 your not the brightest bulb in the socket are you! yeah that's a great ideal let's not reward Menzies for building exactly what he said he would. by the way he has averaged 20 wins a year now that the team hit 22 Wins! and last year when we won 17 that was most amoung the 40 youngest teams in America, and the Aggies were the only team in the youngest 40 with a winning record. with supporters like you who can't see the forest through the trees why would Menzies want to stay if someone comes after him. Boston knew he was hiring an assistant who would grow here and hopefully stay here. The last time I checked recruiting was a talent and Menzies has that down!!! also you really think the fourth youngest team in America shoud have won the WAC last year (even though they did have a chance) Please. "Building a real Program" ever heard that expression before we'll it's right before your eyes you should stop and enjoy it...Menzies is and always has been a great fit for Las Cruces. Hey jason please list how much menzies raised for the team with his 6th man club I heard it was a significant number. Sounds like he's paying himself if you ask me depending on the number. Lastly if Menzies reads this...

Your team loves you!
The frats love you!
Your administration loves you!
99% of the community loves you!
and after the sweet 16 the Nation will love!
Why don't you stay awhile :)

Aggie For Life c/o 89

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 10:37. I think Jimmi and Anon 12:48 are getting caught up in the moment and jumping on the Menzies band wagon. Look, it has nothing to do with a big name coach, what seeding we got or what teams like UNM and UTEP ended up being seeded as. We cant forget so soon all of the games that everyone cursed the style of play that the team was playing and said that Menzies wanted to be gone. I'm extremely happy that the team made the tourney but that does not mean that I am going to hail Menzies for winning two big games. Especially since he lost those two games the previous week. His defense wont improve simply because the team made the tourney and the technical on JY showed that he still has ways to go in keeping his team calm under pressure. I think that before the university gives him an extension they let his contract finish and see how he does. We dont have a replacement for Gib yet, I know Jason loves Gordo but hes not the man, and unless Menzies gets a couple of very good players in two years the cupboard will be pretty much empty. Can you guys see Menzies winning without Young, Wen, and Gordo? We cant get too ahead of ourselves here, yes we wont the WAC and made the tourney, but we need to calm down and see how things pan out.


Nevada got invited to the NIT this season without even going to the WAC championship. Two years ago we lost to Boise and had a better conference record than Nevada but didnt get invited, why the invite now and not then?


Jason Groves said...

Gsus, I'm not sure, but the WAC is much stronger this year than it was that season and Nevada had a solid RPI throughout the season. By the way, i do like Gordo but I concede that the best starting five has hernst, JY, Wendell, Troy and Rahman with Gordo and BJ West off the bench. I agree that they need another guard.

Coyote said...

Jason, What about Gibson?

Jason Groves said...

Coyote, I believe we were talking about next year's lineup

Anonymous said...

I think I would put Tyrone over West as the seventh man. I dont quite think that we got a feel for West this season due to the lack of minutes he had but I think we should have two good forwards. Next season, we could easily play ten deep if need calls for it. I agree with the starting five and Gordo, West, Watson, Nephawe and Patton/New Guard as subs. Some posts back you said that Young was underutilized as an offensive weapon so do you think that next season he will be the true centerpiece of the offense?