Friday, January 15, 2010

Gillenwater and Fresno State

Troy Gillenwater will most likely not play on Saturday. NMSU is hoping for a decision next week, but as of 3:07 on Friday, which is after business hours on the East coast, the university had not heard a decision regarding its appeal.

Someone asked what the gut feeling is on if Troy Gillenwater will return. My feeling was no, but once I learned it has gone to the NCAA, I can say that I really don't know now. I think the university and the program has an obligation to try to get Troy on the court and to do whatever they can in order to do so. I'm not going to speak on if it's right or wrong should he return after clearly he hasn't done everything he needed to do in the classroom by the standards other student athletes are judged.

From a competitive aspect, the team needs Gillenwater for depth and an offensive scoring punch in the interior that they need even though Hamidu Rahman has proven to be a threat night in and night out.

Gillenwater is enrolled in Spring classes, which was one of the stipulations to the appeal that NMSU filed with the NCAA.

Other notes:
Hamidu Rahman did not practice Thursday (shoulder soreness) but Menzies expected him to practice Friday and play on Saturday.

Fresno State started the season 2-4 but seem to have righted the ship, winning four straight before losing at La. Tech on Thursday. Still, they started 3-0 against the likes of Boise State, Hawaii and San Jose State. I think they are good but not a second place team.

The Bulldogs are last in the league in scoring with 69.2 per game, but they are second in scoring defense (64.8) and first in field goal percentage defense (41)

"They are much more methodical about scoring in the half court and they don't rush. There are fewer possessions as a result," Aggies coach Marvin Menzies said. "They will run but they are very patient. As of late, they've been very consistent with full court pressure and dropping back into a halfcourt zone. It helped them turn their season a little bit."

Menzies on Utah State's win at Nevada on ESPN2 on Wednesday
"Utah State just hung tough and did what they did down the stretch and were solid and had those guys who were returning play within themselves. Nevada stalled a little bit offensively so the momentum went the other way and then the big shots that were made in overtime by Utah State really sealed the deal. But it was great WAC battle and a good national game to represent the conference."


Anonymous said...

Jason you know how I felt about Wen starting when he got back so I wont get into how the Gillenwater situation should be treated. However, I do want to say that I am disappointed in how Menzies has handled these two situations. I remember saying a while back that Menzies was better for NMSU because unlike Reggie he didnt come here as a quick fix. Reggie appealed to the fans based on short term results and players who would put fans in the stands. I remember saying that Menzies brought in different players who were different than the ones Reggie had brought it. Yet in my opinion, I think Menzies has slowly left the ideology that he came here with. Perhaps its the fact that so many people are calling for his head that is forcing him to play these guys who do not take care of business in the classroom. Or perhaps its that our fanbase simply cannot understand the meaning of "patience" and "building a program". Either way, Menzies is no longer different from Reggie; he is playing players who despite numerous violations and inability to take care of grades are being placed ahead of those who do. Those players that I imagine he brought in for the long haul are sitting on the bench and not getting much of an opportunity to play. Like Reggie he is just looking for a quick fix. His recruiting background also has faltered in his time here and I'll say it again, why bring kids from Africa who need to be molded if he himself is not molding them?

Is it too early to give the WAC regular season crown to La Tech and leave the top four seeds up for grabs?


Anonymous said...

GSUS--I feel you need to be reminded that although McKines' situation was sticky early, he did meet the requirements to play. So ease up a bit. The same will be true for Gillenwater. If he is granted clearance to play, it is becasue he met the requirements, not for any other reason. The NCAA nor NMSU for that matter make any exceptions.

Plenty of students at any university not playing ball appeal grades, make up exams, or complete tasks after the semester is over. And it is likely easier for them becaise they are not athletes getting scrutinized. I just want to make the point that if he is cleared, he deserves to be a part of the team, and he deserves to play. Even though it sounds like these two could have done more to make it easier on themselves and the team, these "not handling business" comments are getting old.

Anonymous said...

We are close to being 2/3rds of the way through the season. While Gillenwater would certainly be a plus for us now, why not hold him out until next year? We can have his services for another two full years as opposed to the remainder of this year where we have already 7 losses. The truth is, even with him, we don't have much chance of getting an NCAA tourney bid without winning the WAC tournament.

Anonymous said...

At the beginning of the season, I said the WAC was a one bid conf. for the NCAA tourney. That has not or will not change unless the WAC reg season champ has a great record during the year and then gets upset in the WAC tourney. As of today, only La Tech has such a record. I agree completely with anon 9:29 about the WM and the TG situation. You play the best that you have if they are eligible. My main concern is attendance at tonight's game. This is a game for "Aggie Fans" to either put up or shut up. This is a 7 PM start so no excuses about the game starting too late. Fresno State is team tied with us in the standings and the Aggies are playing good ball right now. The students are back at school. Show up and make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:29, McKines did not meet the requirements to play; hence, he was ineligible when the semester ended. His situation was more than just sticky, and the way his return was handled is still questionable. Gsus makes a great point-Menzies is looking for a quick fix at any cost without considering the long term consequences for the program. You say that "If Gillenwater is granted clearance to play, it is becasue he met the requirements, not for any other reason." Actually, if he is cleared to play, it would be because NMSU found some way to around eligibility requirements. If Gillenwater met the requirements, he would be playing right now. As an Aggie fan, I don't know if I am comfortable with all this maneuvering and behind the scenes work trying to get players eligible when they clearly don't take care of business.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of if TC comes back I think he only has two years remaining anyway. (or is this his 3rd year?)

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:03 - Good thought, but Gillenwater redshirted in 2007-2008
so nothing would be gained by holding him out if he becomes eligible.

Anonymous said...

Gillenwater is a Sophmore