Sunday, January 3, 2010

Utah State win was ...

Big for a couple of reasons in my opinion.

First and foremost, they showed that they can close out a game. Sure it was shaky offensively in the end and Utah State probably is going to shoot the ball better than 23 percent from long range, but the Aggies had too much athleticism. Quayle was nowhere near Gibson when he pulled up for that jumper and it was there whenever Gibson wanted it.

They won scoring a season low 55 points committing a season low 10 turnovers while the UtAgs turned it over 15 times. They also did it without JY contributing offensively at least. Youngdidn't have his best shooting night and he turned it over four times, but he will have his off nights. A good way to tell if Young is effective is his free throw shooting attempts. He only had two tonight.

He will be back. And now the Aggies have a great opportunity to defend home court against a Nevada team that just lost at Louisiana Tech.


Anonymous said...

Good win for the Aggies overall and good showing by Gibson. Thought that we suffered too much at the end and was not happy with the slow down game at all. I think that we need to somehow get the bench more involved as the season comes along. Dont think there was anything to do tonight but play our core players but definetely think that some of our bench guys need to start coming out more. Jason, was Utah St. really that suffocating on defense or do we just not have any presence inside? Out of the many mistakes that the commentators made they nailed it when they said that we had become a jump shot only team. We won the game with that but whats going to happen when we have an off shooting night?

You said that a split would be huge for this team, do you think we can beat Nevada as well? Is La Tech for real....


Anonymous said...

A couple of points: I've been a preety avid supporter of the program, but have recently been negative in here on Menzies.

This game showed me a couple things. They figured out a way to win without Young playing well. They figured out a way to win in a style that didn't suit them (USU style really). And they did it mostly with defense. I was really impressed with the pressure Gibson was able to give, all while being the horse on offense too.

But they still kind of stalled coming down the stretch. I liked working the clock, but they needed to just keep playing in rythem and KEEP SCORING the lst 5 mins. They were able to pick their spots to run throughout the flow of the game, but when it tightened, it got stagnant.