Saturday, January 2, 2010

Utah State

Louisiana Tech beat Nevada 77-71 in Ruston earlier this evening.

USU 7-3 15:16
USU has had a couple of baskets inside against the NMSU zone from wesley that were hardly contested

USU 9-7 11:32
The Aggies went scoreless for nearly five minutes and trailed 9-3 before a Rahman layup from inside and Gordo Castillo hit a jumper, which has to be the first time either team has had anything in transition

NMSU 20-13 7:51
The Aggies' athleticism appears to be bothering USU so far as the UTAgs have struggled inbounding on makes. NMSu on a 17-4 run and have the ball

NMSU 25-24 2:23
Utah State came back pretty quick and tied the game at 22 as the Aggies' shots quit falling for a stretch before McKines' second 3 of the game put NMSu back up.

NMSU 27-24 at half
McKines blocked a pooh Williams shot and Gibson finished with a nice flip of his left on the other end as the UtAgs were scoreless in the last 2:58

NMSU 31-30 15:28

NMSU 39-36
Gibson scored eight straight to pushe the lead back to seven but you dont expect the UtAgs to go away and they havent

NMSU 53-45 5:52
Gibson is heating up and the UtAgs just hit their second 3 of the game

NMSU 53-47 3:23
NMSU has run the clock but missed its last three shots

NMSU 55-52 final
Very good win for the Aggies. Learning how to close out a game against a good team to win their fifth in a row.


Anonymous said...

So I called WM out on his weight last week and every comment basically defended him saying he was given a jersey 1 size to small. I couldnt make it to the game but watched on the U and at the 18:00 mark the announcer says Wesley will use wm weight against him and just spinning off for easy lay ups.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Aggies. A good win.

I'm not so sure about the coaching though. I listened to the post-game radio show and it sounded like the Aggie coach was taking credit for the offensive game plan when the Aggies were up by 11 points with six minutes left. That plan could have easily cost the Aggies the game. Terrible offensive exhibition in the last minutes of the game. Awful.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is your point? Do you think WM is overweight? If so, you are absolutely insane!

Anonymous said...

Whats the opposite of a silver lining? Because with Aggies fans there always seems to be something to complain about. It was a great win, and a fun game to be at. See you Monday.