Monday, February 16, 2009

Versus La. Tech



La tech 9, NMSU 8 11:48
It looked for a minute that NMSU was going to start running, but after starting 1-9 La Tech is doing a good job getting back and playing their pace. they go through rolle and he seems like a good passer so far

NMSU 17, La Tech 15 7:55
Gillenwater returned to the court with 9:10 left in the first half

NMSU 21, La Tech 20 3:26
Gabriel isn't having his best game, but Gibson is off to a good start and he's doing it on the defensive end with a couple steals, he drew an offensive foul and he has an assist. At some point, either Gibson or Young will have to start making shots as they are 2-10 combined

NMSU 30, La Tech 23 HALF
La Tech was scoreless for nearly six minutes with the Aggies outscoring La Tech 13-3 to close the first half

NMSU 41, La Tech 29 14:05
La Tech closed to within 4 but the Aggies are on a 8-2 run with Rolle at the line out of the timeout

NMSU 51, La Tech 34 7:42
I'm calling it. It's over. balanced effort for the Aggies tonight offensively while holding La Tech to 30 percent shooting

NMSU 65, La Tech 63
Sorry Aggies fans i think i jinxed it. Gibson's 30-footer looked good and was halfway down off the glass, but the Aggies pulled it out. They were outscored 21-7 in the last 348


Anonymous said...

I dont understand how after what is most likely the biggest win of the season the team can play so flat against the bottom of the WAC. This game was boring, slow, and it seemed like they had their heads elsewhere. I still dont understand why Gillenwater continues on the bench for long periods of time. I'll take a nice little run heading into the tournament but this just leaves me wondering how we will do against Idaho or Boise in Reno. Another thing, I dont understand the whole Diop case. He was absent for most of the season and now that he is finally with the team I doubt he will see playing time. Or if he does it wont be any more than Tray Britt. Would it have been better to just red shirt him instead of having wasted a year when he was eligible?


Anonymous said...

Gillenwater was riding the pine for the same reason he's always riding the pine. Foul trouble and lapses on defense.

The game wasn't the most exciting, and you can thank LA Tech for that. That's the style they like. It's hard to run against a team like that. There was flurries though, and thats when we built our comfortable lead.

Not sure about the Diop case. Redshirts dress for games though. So maybe he is one.

Anonymous said...

I just checked Diop is not redshirting. I find that strange too. He should be. Because right now we have enough guards, so it's hard to find any extra mins ever for him.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the game last night, but someone has to say something about the Poll on the front page of the Sun News website. Not the one on the sports which was about your favorite PAC moment, but on the front page. The answer should be 100% for the most obvious, yet it's not even the number one vote getter. Here's the question in case you haven't seen it.

What would you like to see at the Pan Am Center in the next 40 years?
Total Votes = 247
Bring the WAC tournament back 39 Votes, or 15.78 %
Some sweet luxury boxes 3 Votes, or 1.214 %
More big-name entertainers 134 Votes, or 54.25 %
More community events 17 Votes, or 6.882 %
NCAA title for the Aggies 54 Votes, or 21.86 %

It should no doubt be the NCAA Title regardless of the sport, Volleyball, Mens hoops or womens hoops a title would do wonders for the AD and the community, yet bigger concerts are what the people of LC want. I guess one night at a Garth Brooks or Dave Matthews concert would mean more to them than a championship banner hanging in PAC. Now we know why the community doesn't turn out for games. Guess it's not all the students fault after all.

Anonymous said...

Diop is red-shirting. Duh. He hasn't played any minutes, so that means he can red-shirt. The only way he wouldn't be able to red-shirt is if Menzies plays him now, but why the hell would he do that. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Well they have Watson listed at a red shirt, but Diop is listed a freshman. Thus the confusion.

FWIW, DIop can throw it down. Love watching him during warm ups.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I am very disappointed in the recruiting so far for NMSU men's basketball. Teams are getting commitments from some good players and we need some very good commitments NOW. Obviously, I'm not the coach so I can't say what we need, but I can't remember any news of ANY prospects committing to Marvin Menzies. What's the deal? Isn't he supposed to be a great recruiter?
[On a similar note: what newly hired college coach is NOT labeled a "great recruiter"???]
But seriously, where are the future Aggie basketball players???
You think things look dim now; wait until the next couple seasons if the recruiting is a bad as it seems.

Anonymous said...

Um, we're not getting any commitments for '09 because we have no seniors on the team. Can't replace players if no one's leaving/graduating, even if you're the world's greatest recruiter.

Anonymous said...

1:20, you have a great point. Although according to the only place I could find any recruiting activity on the Aggies, they list Marquese Dunn a 6'2", 205lb SG from Pflugerville, as having committed on 1/30/09.

He's not a rated prospect, so 007 also has a valid point. If we only have one scholarship, we should be targeting fewer kids, so we can focus more time on those targets. All the more reason we should be focused on getting a top notch kid.

Plus our only senior, Kelly Merker is a Forward, we should replace him, not add another Guard. If everyone here stays next season we would have 8 guards with Dunn, 4 Forwards, and 2 Centers.

Also take into consideration that UNM only has 3 seniors and they have 4 commits and UTEP has 2 seniors with 3 commits. So either way you look at it, we are behind the curve on recruiting.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:40

The only player listed as a RS is Watson. And I dont know about you but I never saw Gillenwater, Hamidu, or Lumpkins suit up last season when they were RS. As far as recruiting goes, we do have plenty of talent and bodies right now but it wouldnt hurt to get someone and RS next season so when Gibson leaves we have someone else. Nevada has a pretty good class so far and I think next season things should be interesting


Anonymous said...

The ignorance is killing me.

We don't have a free scholarship to give away. Mercer is a senior. Good job on getting that right. But he's a WALK-ON. Say it with me...WALK-ON...Meaning he isn't on scholarship.

Not lets look at what Menzies recruited. He had to convince JY to stay, and get on the same page. I think we can all agree that has happen.

Troy Gillenwater. Young, immature, and a heck of a talent. If TG gets his head straight he'll be a force. Menzies recruit.

Wendell McKines. I don't think I have to go into details here. Solid pick up for Menzies.

Hernst Laroche. Broke the assist record for a freshmen playing at NMSU. One of the best assist-to-turnover ratio in the WAC.

Open your eyes people and quit daydreaming about Theus.

Not only as Menzies brought in a great group of talent. He's molding it and creating a program that is going to have a solid foundation that won't have to rely heavily on the quick fix route of JUCO players.

Anonymous said...

5:37, who said anything about Theus? Don't try to read into people's comments. 007, IC, and GS are all right. We need to continue to bring in athletes.

If our lowly football team can convince kids to come here and greyshirt(both Mumme and Walker,) why shouldn't we expect the same type of commitment for the program that actually has produced something? GS even mentioned someething more important than IC, WAC opponents. It's great to bet the rivals, it's even better to win the league. Those are the teams we need to focus in on.

Anonymous said...

The WAC season is almost over and I was wondering who all you guys thought would take player of the year. I think it comes down to Wilkinson and JY because those two are the top of nearly every category except for blocked shots and even then Wilkinson only has 8 to JY 5. If Utah St. takes the tournament then Wilkinson will probably be a lock but JY has a strong case if Utah St. is upended in the semis.


Anonymous said...

Agreed! The only question, as with most college programs....Can they stay out of trouble and will they play?

We'll see.

Anonymous said...

You can't bring in star recruits with no scholarships to hand out. It's that simple. No recruiting news because we don't have a scholarship to give. But don't be getting on Menzies when he's brought in a plethora of young talent. He'll do so again when a scholarship opens

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:05:
Marquese Dunn committed to the football team to play RB for Coach Walker (gray shirt), but from what I read, he is an excellent basketball player. I don't think he was recruited to play hoops for Coach Menzies, but might be considering walking on. That's probably why he's listed as a hoops "recruit." He might have just fallen into Menzies' lap if he chooses to walk on.

I still don't see how we're behind in recruiting....the only way we could free up schollies is to ask players that are currently getting a full ride to give up theirs. I don't see that happening.

So again, I is it that we're supposed to be recruiting for 2009? How exactly are we "behind?"

Anonymous said...

The freshman, with the exception of Hernst, are playing like freshman. The sophomores are playing like sophomores and juniors. The junior like a freshman/sophomore. (Can't figure that out.) No seniors on scholarship.

This team is still jelling. The centers are getting better. Gillenwater will find is stride.

By the time this year's freshman team starts its junior year, the Aggies will be the preseason pick for the regular season WAC title.