Thursday, August 14, 2008

Coaching staff

The rumors that former UConn assistant Clyde Vaughn was to be brought in, while true, didn't come to fruition. Coach Menzies wanted to bring him, but the powers that be apparently decided against it on Thursday. It was going to be part of a shuffling of his staff, but the current coaches weren't going anywhere, although they might have had different roles.

I believe Theus wanted to bring him in as well at one point if I'm not mistaken?

On a personal note, I think this will work out best for NMSU. I'm not to say if a coach deserves a second chance or not, and it would have been a great story for him to get that second chance at NMSU. On the other hand, how much are potential recruits worth when there are already a couple of proven recruiters on staff with Menzies and Pompey? I don't know, especially with an administration that is still trying to find its president and an athletic department that is facing a big year financially, which could have a direct tie in to how well the football team does on the field this year.Maybe another potential PR hit factored into the decision makers choice to not pull the trigger.

Menzies does have one staff opening to fill, that being the strength and conditioning opening.

Former Aggie player Cecilia Russell-Nava will most likely take over on the women's staff for the departed Princess Moore. When it becomes official, I will get that out there.


Anonymous said...

Can we take this to the bank?

Anonymous said...

With Grady leaving, does this open the door for Vaughn?