Monday, August 18, 2008

Fresno loses guard

Check out this blog entry at the Fresno Bee.

Prior to the season, I thought Harvey was in the same category as Herb Pope as far as the WAC Newcomer of the Year, but unlike Pope, Harvey didn't get it done in the classroom and didn't even last a whole season.


Anonymous said...

This is the best we've got? Can we talk about the assistant coach leaving, and maybe about potential replacements on the bench?

Anonymous said...

The coaching replacement for Grady has been here for a year. Paul Weier was the Director of Basketball Operations last year. Word is that Menzies was demoting Grady to the Ops job and that didn't sit well with Grady. But, having an opportunity to go back to Louisville with Pitino is a no brainer. Grady is a great guy and we will miss him.
I think MM thought Grady was too hard on the guys and it didn't fit his own "nice guy" approach, especially with a new young team. But who really knows unless you are in the program?

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact Grady wasn't being demoted. He was on the road recruting all summer. that's where a hit will be taken on the work he did this summer. Have you guys ever been to a men's practice I was a fly on the wall for two last year in Pan Am, and trust me the Nice Guy approach wasn't implemented those practices if anything Menzies jumped their butts pretty hard. My personal opinion is he's got great relationships with his players and picks and chooses his spots. Any ideal who's his next hire is Jason? Does he have a short list?

Anonymous said...

bring in bobby knight... whip these jackasses into shape, then we wont be worrying about the court hearings, holding up the pizza guy, and can focus on winning games and studying.

Seperately... can someone post the probably starting 5 with all the changes this past offseason..?

Jason Groves said...

I think that posts 2 and 3 are each partially correct. I know that Weir has a lot of responsibility and Jahmar YOung talked about him all the time so he has a good relationship with players it seems. I have also heard that Grady would be moved off the bench and off the road, but he said that was happening to him at Louisville as well so who knows his real reasons for leaving.

also, I'm working on a list of candidates...the only thing i know is that menzies said he wants to move fast. Hopefully will have more later