Friday, August 29, 2008

J.Y. court proceeding

Here's a link to Jose Medina's story on Jahmar Young's court appearance this morning.


Anonymous said...

Hey JG: if the time frame to move forward on the case has passed, they should throw it out. Let's move on.

Now, back to Pope and the article you have on line from this afternoon. There is a big difference between those kids. Pope has shown zero appreciation for what NMSU has done for him. It was his own background and the NCAA who got in his way. The people of NMSU only worked to help him and give him a better way of life.

Pope has done nothing but look for the bigger better deal.

This idea of giving him a release to explore other options is just backwards and I can't believe Boston & Menzies allowed that to happen.

If the kid is in that state of mind we should put him on his way.

Anonymous said...

I just heard that Pope changed his mind again and is staying back east. Is this true?