Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Former Aggies

After Jaydee Luster landed at Wyoming last week, I started thinking about what will happen with Wendell McKines and DeAngelo JOnes. I put some feelers out and learned that Jones signed with Cochise Junior College.
I talked to the head coach Jerry Carrillo who said DeAngelo signed a JC Letter of Intent there. He said that Jones is eager to be re-recruited to a bigger school and that he will have ample opportunity to do so which is good for him. I know Cochise puts out D I players often so who knows. It seemed like DeAngelo got lost in the shuffle last year. Gordo took advantage of the opportunities that he was given, not to mention he was a local product.

As far as WEndell, I have heard that he has been working out at St. Mary's, but I havent heard if he has signed yet. I was looking forward to seeing Wendell develop here in Cruces, but apparently he is true to his word in that he wants to be closer to family.


Anonymous said...

I hear both Paris Carter and Faisel Aden are no longer part of the program. Is this true?

What is the eligibility status of Terrence Joyner?
I also here one of our Guards is having problem in the classroom and may not be available for the fall semester?

Looks like we are in for a very rough season!

Jason Groves said...

Anon, We reported early this week that Carter and Aden will not be on the roster next year, but I wouldn't say you are in for a rough year because of those two losses. Regarding Joyner, as far as I know, he is still on track to be cleared early in the season. If I hear different, I will let you know.

Anonymous said...

What's the story with Faisal Aden?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Joyner our only worry? And it's not even that much of a worry. Either he gets to play at the beginning of the season, or he gets to play mid-December. Not much of a worry. WOuld have been nice to have Aden in the lineup, but I don't see him as being a big lost. Regardless, much better news academically/clearinghouse issues than last season We are, however, painfully thin at the 3 and 4 spots. I see us using a lot of 3 guard sets, especially if Pope and/or Gillenwater get into foul trouble.

This schedule is taking forever to be released though. I keep hearing probably this week for about a month. Any idea what the hold up is. I hope it's because we are trying to get a solid team to agree to a home and home.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Aden?

All will be ok when the year gets rolling. Stop worrying so much about the dang schedule. The coaches know what they want from it. You know how hard it is to get good teams to come to Cruces? Bery tough to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Who's worried? I'm just eager to see it.

Anonymous said...

JG: I was over at the NMSU practice gym today watching the women's hoop team play pick up ball today. I'm telling you this is going to be a good group once they all get meshed together. They have size, they now have a couple BIGS who will stay in the post and can score around the basket. They are longer, more athletic and have some good kids on the court. They are going to be young, but in time this is going to be a fun group to watch.
Madi Spence is a Big Time player. She has grown in a year and looks like she is ready for a huge season. Sophomore Danisha Corbett is as athletic as anyone I have seen in the women's game in a very long time and I expect her to also have a big year. The transfer from Texas; Crystal Boyd, could be the best player to ever come through here. After a year of practicing with the team she will step in and lift the team to a higher level. A lot of promise for this team.
The girls were also talking about Coach Spence will be adding another post kid here this week some time to fill the scholarship left open when that "Brat" Spanich took off. Some 6'3 athletic post kid from San Diego is now on the radar. I guess her SAT score couldn't get her in at the Univ. of San Francisco. This kid knows our San Diego kids and was coached by Coach Spences good friend out there from Mt. Miguel HS. She also played in the same club program as Madi and Corbett. Another athletic post kid will fit in well.
Coach Spence is a worker now and he keeps bringing them in. This team looks like they are all getting on the same page and they worked very hard today in the games I watched.
Aggie fans need to get out this year and support our women's hoop team.
can you check in to that big kid? Also, what about the schedule?

Anonymous said...

Great to see someone is invloved with the girls team. Looks like they will keep growing and improving. Its too bad that the people of this community can't get out and support this team. They went 23-9, went to the WAC title game for the third year in a row and had exciting players, but we just can't get behind them. I know we have a big problem with the way NMSU promotes this group. Just up the road in Albuquerque they put in 9,000 fans for their girls games. Its a shame we can't average 4000 for our team.

People go to the volleyball games, but just can't sustain the enthusiasm for a longer period of time. Its really too bad. I know the girls basketball team will be playing several Sunday later afternoon or eve games, so I am hoping we will get out there this season.