Friday, February 28, 2014

NMSU release on Thursday's incident

Western Athletic Conference Commissioner Jeff Hurd today announced that New Mexico State men's basketball player KC Ross-Miller has received a two-game suspension and Renaldo Dixon a one-game suspension as a result of a violation of the WAC's sportsmanship policy following Thursday night's basketball game against Utah Valley in Orem, Utah.

“We talk to student-athletes on a regular basis regarding representing the brand of New Mexico State and our Athletics Department and other athletes,” NMSU Athletics Director McKinley Boston said. “I’m so disappointed in K.C.’s actions and the embarrassment he caused his team and university.”

“There obviously is no place in the Western Athletic Conference or intercollegiate athletics as a whole for the unfortunate events that took place at the conclusion of Thursday night’s game,” Hurd said.  “And I appreciate the excellent cooperation that I have received from both institutions in my review of what occurred.”

“While the suspensions handed down are appropriate for the actions of the involved student-athletes, there will be a continued review of other incidents that occurred as a result of fans rushing the court. There are obvious safety and security issues that need to be addressed, and I also have requested additional game management information from Utah Valley University.

“Finally, the situation could have been much worse if not for the outstanding effort of both the New Mexico State and Utah Valley coaching staffs.  They were instrumental in separating their student-athletes from what could have been an even uglier situation.”

Ross-Miller's two-game suspension will include the March 1 game at Bakersfield and the March 6 contest against Grand Canyon. Dixon's suspension will include the March 1 game at Bakersfield.

Additionally, Ross-Miller has issued the following statement, “I just want to apologize for my actions and for embarrassing New Mexico State University. I have way more respect for the university, my teammates and coaches to retaliate in such a terrible way. I know better to let my opponents and emotions get the best of me and I regret doing what I did, not only because it was stupid and selfish, but because of the situation that I have created for my team, coaches and the university. I understand that I will be suspended and I accept the punishment. I will learn from this and not make the same mistake twice. I know saying sorry doesn't fix the embarrassment that I've initiated, but I ask as humbly as I know that you accept my apology.”


Anonymous said...

Jason G,
I have enjoyed catching up with NMSU on your blog. It has been great especially since I live on the East Coast and hard to get coverage of any West teams.
One thought I have noticed scrolling over a few comments, is that you seem to write in favor of Mr. Menzies on almost everything. I am going to have to ask that you write a fair judgement about what should be done as consequences particularly for the coach and possibly the Athletic Director.

Here in our area, (ACC Country) its been great to watch and follow coach K. A true class act that represents himself, the students, and the school in such a dignified way.

It would be great to see a fair challenge led by one of your blog posts on what is right and just.

How will you respond in an Op-Ed about this incident, Sir?

Take good care and Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

Just because Jason doesn't take the anti Menzies mentality of many of the bloggers doesn't mean he's playing favoritism. What the blogs allow is the vocal minority to piss and moan like they will about what I say here too. It doesn't matter because there are many more of us who are realistic in our expectations and understanding of how NMSU is doing, especially in competing with our peers in basketball. Yes, we have had several bad losses this year but the loss to UVU is not one of them. It was a loss to a team, on their home court, playing for first place, and with some nice home cooking. The anti Menzies and Boston are a vocal minority for sure, but us supporters don't have to post on a board, we just show up to games, keep participating with alum groups, fundraisers, etc.
You make it sound as if Groves is biased for Menzies when I think he is living life in reality.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:51, that's telling it like it is right on brotha. Keep up the great work Jason and Go AGGS

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Anon 12:51 It is normal for some fans to want a better, different coach and to blog about every mistake that the coach makes. And it is also fine for them to do so, since it is only their opinion. But there are a lot of us who know that Reggie Theus was not the perfect coach---there was one close to perfect and that was Coach Henson. Perfect coaches are few and far between and with the money that NMSU has to pay MM had been a good fit. And the constant cry of thug team is also being leveled at other teams both college and pro--usually by fans of other teams. I really don't see a thug on the NMSU team and it does not bother me that the players protected each other in that situation at Utah Valley. Can you imagine what whould have been said about NMSU if the same event would have happened on our home court---THUG SCHOOL!! I did not hear a single suggestion that Utah Valley is a thug school even though some of their fans acted like thugs.

Anonymous said...

ANON 12:51 I am one of those pissers and moaners you refer to. I am not a MM fan. I am not a Boston fan. I'm an Aggie fan. I'm a season ticket holder, have been to every pre-season practice, support the team, show up at all the games, attend alum group functions and fundraisers, and will be in the arena for the WAC tourney. Having no confidence in our coach and supporting our players is not mutually exclusive. Thank goodness for this blogsite. It at least provides a forum for those of us who want our teams to excel. I'm more comfortable being a pisser and moaner, rather than sitting silently, passively accepting the mediocrity of our conference, the ineptitude of our coach, and the arrogance of our Athletic Director. Thank you, Jason for the continued good coverage of all that is Aggie basketball. Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, Jason, and all the Anonymouses here,

As one of the so-called 'vocal minority' I wish to weigh in.

First let me say, that we don't know what the majority and minority of fans want. As far as I know, there has never been a poll taken on how we feel about MM. That would be interesting to do.

I have also noticed that Jason has not been very critical of MM or Boston, etc. I don't fault him for this. It is not his job necessarily to voice opinion...he seems to be a fact guy, and I am totally ok with this.

Anon 12:51, you suggest that critics are not living life in reality. Who are you to say what is real and what is not. This IS A BLOG. IT IS A BOARD FOR OPINIONS. To say that your opinion is right for this reason and that reason is great. To say that my opinion is wrong for this reason or that reason is great. To say that I am not living in reality and you are makes our conversation petty. Why go there and do that?

I agree with the tone of anon 11:04 even though I disagree with his feelings about MM. This is OK!

What I would like is more civility on this blog. It is ok and even valuable to disagree, but to be disagreeable in the process demeans the community.

To portray critics as whines is simply an escape from logical discourse.

Defend MM and Boston all you want, but don't attack a critic just because they have issues with MM and Boston.