Thursday, February 13, 2014

UMKC: Three keys and a prediction

The Aggies wasted a 33 point effort from Renaldo Dixon in a 68-66 loss in the first game between these teams. In a two-point game, NMSU's best player, Daniel Mullings, had one of his worst statistical games of the season. NMSU out rebounded UMKC by one, both teams had 12 turnovers.

UMKC has lost its last three games and NMSU can't really afford to drop anymore games. Aggies win 70-63

Aggies wings: This is really the only key I see for tonight's game, since essentially Daniel Mullings and DK Eldridge were no shows in the first game and the Aggies still only lost by two. Mullings was 1-11 with three points and Eldridge was 1-9 with 2 points. That won't happen again.

Handle Harrison: UMKC point guard Martez Harrison killed the Aggies for 21 points. Harrison, a freshman, got the better of NMSU junior KC Ross-Miller continuously and got into the paint. Harrison got the better of anyone the Aggies put on him in one on one situations.
"Our angles on bigs and guards, we went over all of that," Aggies coach Marvin Menzies said. "We had multiple collapses defensively. Sometimes it was someone coming off a man when we weren't supposed to and giving up a 3."

Execute offensively: The Aggies played very well offensively against Seattle, shooting 58 percent from the field. It started with the centers Sim Bhullar and Chili Nephawe, who found shooters when doubled, and scored or got the foul line in one on one situations. UMKC should probably pack it in a little more than Seattle did, but as long as NMSU doesnt turn it over or take bad shots, I think the Aggies shoot better than the 41 percent they shot against UMKC the first time around while eliminating transition opportunities for UMKC.

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