Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DK Eldridge or Bandja Sy?

Marvin Menzies called DK Eldridge a defensive stopper following NMSU's victory over Chicago State on Saturday. That's high praise when Eldridge plays on the wing with Daniel Mullings.

By the way, Eldridge said his sprained ankle was at a 7 out of 10 on Tuesday, two days prior to the Aggies road game at Texas Pan American. Sounds like he will play Thursday.

I wrote last year that between Mullings and Bandja Sy, the Aggies could guard any opposing duo in the country. I think the ability is still there, but at 6-8, Sy's length probably gives him an edge on that side of the court over the 6-2 Eldridge. Eldridge is certainly the better offensive player while both are superb athletes.

Here is a story on Eldridge that I wrote today. Who would you take?


Anonymous said...

Great article Jason, I really like DK's intensity and hustle, he's an outside linebacker on the basketball team. His offense is a bit streaky, good streaky though. When he's cold outside he takes it to the hole, he's a player. Tuff kid, I'm glad he's got another year. Banja was a freak, an absolute blast to watch play, a highlight waiting to happen. Banja had great length and was rebounding machine, a defensive nightmare for opposing teams offensive wings. I'm gonna take Ban-K Eldsye. Sorry Jason, you can't pick just one. AGGIE 83

Anonymous said...

Jason, I hate to ask this in the midst of a conference race, but what is the status of the red-shirts, 7 foot guys walking around campus and other recruiting news. AGGIE83

Jason Groves said...

This is something that should make for an interesting offseason. As you know, NMSU loses two seniors from this year's team. I think there will be some movement on the roster. There are at least five players sitting out and Tanveer Bhullar is on scholarship this year although he's sitting out.

That isn't including the suspended Terrel de Rouen, who is an interesting player given the Aggies struggles at point guard this year.

I could see Jim Coleman and de Rouen not being around next year, depending on the development of Ian Baker down the stretch and the offseason. But NMSU really like Johnathan Wilkins, Pascal Siakam, Matt Taylor and Jaylyn Pennie. As for recruiting, with the players I've just named, I think NMSU is recruiting more for the '15 and '16 classes since the roster appears full for the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jason, The cupboards certainly look healthy. I hate to say it but the two local guys look to be odd men out, especially seeing how much more quality time Baker is getting. He's really looking better and better every week. You can tell he's older and more mature than Landry at this point. I think Landry is going to be good as he matures. Dumb question here, any chance his limited minutes salvages a red shirt year. Either way we look solid at the point moving forward. KC has really come into his own altho hes been a little quiet lately, sophmore slump. He will be all-WAC next year. Those are some solid studs for next year, I almost hate to ask who you think would be making up that movement on the roster for next year. I hope Matej's patience will pay off next year and he comes back as the designated gunner