Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tyrone Watson the warrior

I asked Watson if he would be alright after tweaking a right hamstring during NMSU's 81-56 victory over Southeastern Louisiana on Thursday, to which he responded, "I'm a warrior, I'll be fine."

The Aggies are one game into a three game in four game stretch and the Aggies play three of four on the road, starting this weekend against Bucknell and Niagra at Niagra.

"Mentally we have to be prepared because there are not going to be many things we can go over because there won't be much court time," Watson said.

Watson is a career 57 percent free throw shooter. He was 10-for-10 on Thursday and the Aggies were 21-26 (80.8 percent) from the line.

"Today I got lucky. I was feeling good out there. I was just using my advantages and getting open on the wings and teammates were finding me."

Southeastern Louisiana finished 36.5 percent from the field. It seemed like the Lions were getting to the basket with ease at times, but they couldn't sustain it.

"We didn't do a very good job on dribble penetration  after any type of ball screen or staggered screen," Menzies said. "The guards need help. We still have some work to do there."

Sim Bhullar looked like the better center on Thursday. Chili Nephawe struggled finishing around the basket but he was 4-4 at the foul line but the starting center shouldn't be without a rebound in 20 minutes.

Bhullar had 13 points and seven rebounds in 17 minutes.

"The first half, I really didn't get any foul calls. Like coach told me at halftime that I wasn't going to get foul calls because I was bigger than everybody. After that I got mad. The dog came out in me kind of and just started going at the guy who was guarding me," Bhullar said.

Bhullar was going up against players half his size, but that will change throughout the year.

"He had some bigger physical guys that made him play not up to his potential (against Oregon State) ," Menzies said. "What he has to do is play with the same aggressiveness no matter who he is matched up against. When he can't catch it on the strong side and there is a reversal he has to seal and hold the guy so we can go in or from the high -low."

KC Ross Miller looked better, but he wasn't going against Oregon State. This weekend will be interesting for Ross-Miller, who had six assists against two turnovers. Bandja Sy has 19 rebounds in two games.

Notes: No PT for Terrel de Rouen and Remi Barry but Eric Weary and BJ West got into the game. Matej Buovac didn't play.

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Anonymous said...

I assume Buovac will end up red shirting.

I'm surprised that De Rouen didn't get any minutes. Must be a behind the scenes issue. Same with Remi Barry.

I think KCRM showed signs of being a great passer and play-maker. I liked the way he pushed the ball up.

Aronis can shoot it which is good. Haven't really had a spot up shooter like him since Gordo.

I still think BJ West can produce. He's kind of shaky but he's has a good touch and plays really hard.

Bucknell and Niagra will be good tests.