Monday, November 26, 2012

Two big games

NMSU took last week to hopefully shake off some of the offensive issues they have, namely scoring in the halfcourt and turnovers.

24 turnovers against Niagara and 26 against Louisiana aren't good. NMSU has taken care of the ball against Oregon State and Bucknell and they will have to do so pretty much for the rest of the season as there don't appear to be any cupcakes from here on out.

I talked to Tyrone Watson on Monday about the 3-3 start, this week's games, turnovers among other things.

On the Aggies 3-3 start:
"I expected us to be 5-1 or 4-2 at the worst. We just have to stay positive and keep going forward. We don't want to point the finger and then have another rough stretch. It's only three losses and we have a lot of season left."

This week's opponents:
"Those are two teams who beat us last year. Southern Miss is a statement game. We have to prove we can beat them. UTEP I don't have to say too much. We don't like them, they don't like us. These two rivalry games are better teams on average than we play in conference. This is a good test and it will show where we  stand as far as these match ups. ... UTEP is a good environment. It can get rough sometimes if you hear the crowd but we have been here long enough. I like playing away, especially when the crowd is against you. You fuel off that stuff. ... We kind of fell into trouble against Niagara when we were up 20. They kind of slowed the game down and played at their pace the second half. We are still going to push the ball and crash the boards and not let them dictate the game."

On turnovers:
"Sometimes it's just not an alertness and trying to make a play when there isn't a play there. ... A lot of teams are starting to pressure us now so it's hurrying us up and passing the ball not when we want. Everybody needs to just understand the offense and what we want to get out of it. The good thing is we are learning from the mistakes and I hope it doesn't happen."

UTEP's box and 1 last year and adjustments:
"Coach talked about it and we actually prepared for it because teams prior did box and 1 against Wendell. If they go box and 1 we are prepared. If they go triangle and 2 we still have our sets. We have been practicing as if they are going to run those defenses. ... On the fly, that's probably one of our biggest challenges because we are used to people playing straight up man or zone, not throwing a box and 1 or triangle and 2 or pressing us really. That's where we have ran into trouble turning over the ball and offensively scoring. ... The key is still be patient, don't rush and  make the right play. Don't force it in if it's a triangle and 2, kind of work it around and get open shots. At the end of the day, the person that is open just has to make shots."


Anonymous said...

The Aggies also got into trouble slowing the game down against the Ragin Cajuns with that 37 point lead. I understand taking some time off the clock. However, when you slow the game, passing the ball around the perimeter, you not only take yourself out of your offense, you take your defensive edge away as well.

There's no harm in being deliberate when you have a big lead. Just don't stand around and expect to score points in the last four seconds of the shot clock. Late in the Cajun game, the Aggies either turned it over late in the shot clock and didn't get a shot off, or hurried in the last seconds, missed the shot, and then had the Cajuns flying down court with the rebound to make an easy layup or a wide open 3.

Anonymous said...

you mention 2 important things - turnovers and the home court advantage. In order for the Aggies to beat the minors, I see 4 keys, They have to keep the turnovers under 15, shoot a good percentage on the free throws and dominate the boards but I feel the most important key is stopping the dribble penetration and pick and roll. If they are effective in these areas, they win. By the way, isn't college BB a funny game? Louisiana Lafayette comes to Pan Am and lose by 20 + and then they go to #15 Michigan State and lose by 3 with a chance to win the game.

Anonymous said...

NMSU goes 0-4 against UNM & UTEP!!!

Anonymous said...

I see UTEP and NMSU as fairly similar in level of skill. UNM seems to be better than both UTEP and NMSU.

Basketball is a funny game. You might see the Aggies do well against UNM but poorly against the Miners. Time will tell...