Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SE Louisiana: Three keys and a prediction

The Aggies should win their home opener on Thursday against Southeastern Louisiana— lesser opponent, home opener, WAC title banner unveiling and all that.

Another note, I don't expect the Aggies to sign anyone early this week. I'll repeat what I wrote earlier, I believe Tularosa's Jim Coleman to be the Aggies lone verbal commit for 2013.

Size advantage — NMSU is one of the largest teams in the country, SE La. has two players at least 6-8. One of Marvin Menzies' biggest concerns following their opening loss at Oregon State was 6 combined shot attempts from the center position. NMSU still outrebounded Oregon State by 13 with 17 offensive rebounds, and Oregon State had some big bodies. SE La. doesn't so I expect another big night on the boards. Ags just need to convert them into points, as well as shoot better than 59 percent at the foul line. Defensively, Bhullar and Nephawe could be taken away from the basket again. I would say they did OK getting back or moving their feet before they got tired, but the Aggies still held Oregon State to 30 percent in the second half and that was against a very good offensive team.

Tweaks in the rotation — Thursday should give Menzies another chance to get a look at some players deeper down the rotation. Personally I'm curious to see if Remi Barry and Eric Weary get on the floor. Terrel de Rouen also showed that perhaps he deserves more minutes, although I would say KC Ross Miller should probably still start. Kevin Aronis only had two shots in the first game in seven minutes and Renaldo Dixon was 3-4 from the field with six points in 13 minutes. I didn't mind the guys who played against Oregon State, but guys like de Rouen and Dixon looked like they deserve a better look.

Offensive versatility — I was disappointed by the Aggies offensively against Oregon State. It was a first game on the road against a good team. I understand that. However it looked like the same team from a year ago from a shooting perspective (1-11 on 3s, 59 percent FT) and Bandja Sy was 4-13. Turnovers weren't bad with 14 but the five assists was low, especially when three of the five came from Tyrone Watson. The Aggies didn't move the ball after that first look into the paint wasn't there. And there wasn't any penetration and kicks or passes to shooters from the post. This team has some good passers and unselfish players. I expect the assists and the shooting to increase.

Final Score, New Mexico State 82, Southeastern Louisiana 60

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Anonymous said...

Jason, you have a lot of good stuff in your post. I think the aggies will be a good team. I would like to see some more 2-3 zone, especially when Bhullar is on the court. I also want to see more of Aronis and Weary to see what they can do from the 3 point line. Arvonis was recruited as a shooter. Last year Weary was touted as a shooter. Give them the opportunity. While I think we are better than 1 for 11, we need to give the shooters the ball with some inside out passing from the post.