Saturday, November 10, 2012

More on Oregon State

Oregon State hammered Niagra 102-83 on Friday, somewhat addressing some of the concerns I wrote about yesterday.

Here is the box score.

Oregon State outrebounded Niagra 52-37, but the Beavers still gave up 15 offensive rebounds. Oregon State has some good guards in Roberto Nelson (22 points 5-8 3s) and Ahmad Starks (18 points 6-11 3s, 7 rebounds) NMSU has some guards to match up so I'm not worried about that. But forward Eric Moreland stood out with 14 points, 13 rebounds and five blocks.

"They have some really long, tall players so it's going to be a battle," Aggies senior Bandja Sy said. "We have size too but it won't be easy. We have experienced big guys. Chili is a big guy, Sim is a freshman but he has been working on his game. Renaldo is a junior with size. I think we are going to be fine."

I think Bandja Sy has to average 15-18 points this season. He told me that he knows he has to increase his scoring, but to his credit, he's always been solid on the defensive end of the court.

Another question about Bandja. Who do you think should be the closer on this team? Do they need one? do they have one. Last year, a big shot would likely go through Wendell McKines or Hernst Laroche.

Bandja would be my pick this year. He can create his own shot, shoot from long range, shoot over people, etc.

Other scores of note on Friday was Bucknell's 70-65 win at Purdue and South Alabama's 75-71 win at No. 25 Florida State.


Anonymous said...

Mullings is the closer and the star of this team.

Aggies can beat the Beavers but it will be a difficult road test.


Anonymous said...

Mullins SHOULD be the closer. He has the guts, can elevate, and slash. Unfortunately, he doesn't have an outside shot, which is a must. Hopefully, it has improved.

Anonymous said...

This is a good start to the season against a fairly good opponent on the road. My concerns are point guard play and defense against the 3 point shot. An exhibition is an exhibition and doesn't mean much but Western had a bunch of open 3 pont shots, they just didn't make them. Your question about who is the closer on this team is interesting. Mullings is good but until he can make jump shots and shoot free throws, he may struggle. Bandja has to be more consistent and not force the offense. I think it is better for this team to continue passing the ball around (24 assists against Western) and let someone make a play. I hope we have a season where 5 or 6 guys average 10 to 15 points a game with someone different making a play at the right time.