Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wendell walk through

Marvin Menzies said Wendell McKines would go through the Aggies' walk through today. He said it wasn't a true practice, but McKines would be on the court for the first time since the first weekend of practice.

Menzies said if McKines can return to 100 percent, he would then make a decision regarding a redshirt season for the Aggies senior.


Anonymous said...

Okay J.G., before Rahman came back the word was don't bring him back until the calf is 100% because reaggravation could make it 10 times worse. He reaggravated it.

Troy had some kind of stress fracture in the summer and now some kind of foot/ankle injury -- no one's said if the injuries are related, right?

Now it's if Wendell is 100% there will be a decision on redshirting. A fracture like Wendell's may be already healed, as opposed to a recurrent soft tissue injury. Wendell could be back before the other two or all 3 might walk out on the floor versus St. Mary's. Coach needs somebody back! My gut tells me that Wendell wants to play this season.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing about "next year, next year"...every game counts and it all counts now...I say bring Wendell back this season if possible and at least make a run at the WAC title like last year.

There are no guarantees for next season and this "next year" stuff with Menzies is getting old. Every year he has good, solid talent at his fingertips and he does nothing to develop the players.

In addition, beating the Lobos and Miners are crucial and people need to stop saying those games don't matter.

Every game counts from beginning to end!!!

Anonymous said...

If Wendell is healthy, and if he wants to return for half the year, fine. But there is the slightest concern about his health, then hold him out.

Anonymous said...

Irie, mon -
You right! This is next year; 2011 season...
La - Lafayette looked as good to me as any team in the WAC - athletically but they seemed to just freelance w/o plays. Whoever is on the floor tonite vs St Mary's is going to see a real system. But it ain't gonna be the big three in a game with SMC that is essentially meaningless without winning 3 out of 4 in the rivalry tilts.

I like the Aggies style of play and because they are working hard in the system I think the refs seeing good solid bball. CK is using his size and getting called for over-agressive pushes but the rest of the guys are straight-up keeping it clean. Looks good right now but next year did not anticipate TG, HR and Wendell sidelined due to injury.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Four games make or brake our season now. Win the WAC and get into the tournament and nobody will remember the rival games. Oops, accept for the fans that think we only have four games in a season.

Anonymous said...

If the rivalries mean everything and fan attendance for the entire season is based on those four games then that's the same as saying the St. Mary's game is meaningless and no fans will show up. Neither is the case.

Guaranteed for the fans that attend they'll get to witness great effort expended from Menzies' bench players. I can only think that for the injured starters watching the Pacific and UL victories from the sidelines, they know the effort bar is now set higher for the team should they/when they return to the line-up. Rivalry games ARE meaningless unless Aggies win!

Anonymous said...

yeah, hot 3-pt shooting (50%) for the Cajuns meant they missed 27 shots from inside the arc. 'Course it looks like they converted ten of those misses into stick backs for 21 points.

The Wendell factor would have eliminated at least 5 of those rebounds/stick-backs or else he might have added 3 or 4 to the blocked shot total.

Be at the Pan Am tonight because you'll want to add to the roar that goes up when Big Wen finally strips of the warm-ups and heads to the scorer's table! Menzies has got to get somebody back in game shape because the Idaho trip is in 6 days.

huy95207 said...

I am totally agree with the idea bringing Wendell back this season . Hope that will happen soon.