Saturday, December 11, 2010


I've been watching Troy Gillenwater, who came out at the 16 minutes timeout and is favoring his right ankle. We will see if he returns but he seems frustrated.

Just as I write that, Troy checked in. But he does seem to be favoring the right ankle. Troy left the game and currently has his ankle wrapped in ice.


Anonymous said...

This season has already been a mess. Like I said before, without McKines, I see the Aggies losing 20 games. They are headed for loss number 7 and they have only played 9 games...hmmmm...I wonder who needs a dose of reality. Someone on here said they will win 16-20 games...I don't think so. Take a look at the WAC teams...most of them are doing pretty well as opposed to what someone else on here said. The Aggies are sinking fast.

Anonymous said...

Game over!

We seriously lack talent.
We have no offense!
Sy is horrible. 2 turnovers and a defensive lapse that turned our 1 point lead into a 6 point deficit.