Friday, December 10, 2010

Can the Aggies beat the Lobos?

After three years of covering this team, I wouldn't be surprised if somehow the shorthanded Aggies find a way to end a seven-game losing streak at the Pit.

It seems like at some point each season, a light goes on and the Aggies win a game they probably shouldn't. Last year, it was at UTEP.

That light has come on for some players, although I think depth or a lack thereof is the Aggies biggest weakness thus far. Their starting five is fine and Castillo has adjusted better to his role off the bench, but after that, not so much. I think Renaldo Dixon has passed Abdoulaye N'Doye and BJ West as far as big guys off the bench, and that could pay bigger dividends whenever Hamidu Rahman returns from injury, regardless of what Wendell McKines ends up doing.

Rahman is a game time decision on Saturday after failing to make it through an entire practice the past three days.

I wasn't all that impressed with the Lobos, but they should shoot better at their own place and they are a solid defensive team, but don't have anyone who can guard Gillenwater. Despite his poor shooting performance in the second half, I want to see Gillenwater just as aggressive offensively from here on out,  maybe just not settle for the early 3 so much late in games.

The Aggies haven't been swept by both rival schools since 2002 I believe. They could take a hit attendance wise if they lose this one.

Can they pull it out?


Anonymous said...

I would love to agree with you Jason, but the Ags have been horrible on the road, and the Loobs have been tough at home under the Iowa-reject Alford. I don't see it happening, and expect a blow-out. But I also thought Alabama would beat Auburn in football. Guess that's why they play the game, right? Go Ags!
- Aggie Glare

chilero said...

Light going on last year against UTEP is a stretch. Although Nick Durham coaching it up in the second half wasn't.

However, I agree with you that the Ags could make an unexpected turnaround.

Ags will play better in Poorque. Rahman will help a bit off the bench and Weir will make an impact.

Biggest factor? This time around we back off of Gary defensively and make him beat us with his jump shot instead of his drive and also stay out of foul trouble. Also, KA-BANG! does a little better than 2-12 and is the key player aside from The Gillenwater.

Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

I would love nothing more than the Aggies getting a W up in Albuquerque, but it's not going to happen..not with this bunch. I would settle with keeping the margin under 10 points.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA Groves your funny!! Let me answer for your soon to be 3500 fans!!! NOOOOOOOOOO you will not beat us at the PIT!!! I have told you before its gonna get ugly!!! Then Gillenwater will realize how much you guys suck and will not return next year and McKines will go overseas!!!! After that you guys will average 3-5 wins per season!!! HAHAHA!! EVERYONE'S A LOBO WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stand growing up in podunk Las Cruces and I'm a full fledged San Antonian and Texan now...but for some reason I still care what happens when the Aggies play the Lobos...I hope the Aggies get it together and beat the crap out of the annoying Lobos. UNM might be the big dog in a tiny place like New Mexico but on a national level they are I said before, let the Lobos come play the Longhorns.

Anonymous said...

I call Albuquerque "Hell-buquerque" because the crime is so bad and it's such a dirty, gross Texas friends from places like Austin think it's funny because most of them don't care for Albuquerque

Go Aggies!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Lobos are not a good team but unless the Aggies start hitting some outside shots, we're in trouble. I don't mean Troy sitting at the 3 point line all night. All defenses are sagging in the middle against us and even when we find the open man, they haven't hit that shot on a consistent basis. Last year JY and JG hit those shots. This year nobody is doing it and our best 3 point shooter, Gordo, has been inconsisitent at best. CK looks like a shooter but hasn't done it yet and Hernst seems to be using up his energy being the point guard and on defense. I think the defense, rebounding and effort has been good enough but the shooting is a problem. I have maintained that if the Aggies shoot 45% from the field and make 70%, they can beat a lot of teams. Let's make tonight the night. Go Aggies.

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot, all you Thiggies can talk trash about is grammar on a blog!! THAT'S almost as big of a joke as your team is lol!!! I guess I will let you slide on that one!! My whole world is crumbling now that you called me out on it!! Now you guys will beat us for sure!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF

Anonymous said...

The only reason we may win is because that useless Menzies is not coachng.

Hey lobo dude:
Your girlfriend, mom and sister are a bunch of woof, woof, woof's!!

Tu Papi