Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wen update

I spoke with Coach Menzies because I've heard several people say Wendell McKines is leaning one way or another regarding a redshirt season. Menzies told me that the plan is to wait until he gets on the floor to see what he is capable of. Doctors said that he would be able to get on the court in two weeks from today so there is a timeline for now I suppose. With injuries to Troy Gillenwater, Hamidu Rahman Gordo and even coach Menzies, whose back was bothering  him so much so on Monday that Gerald Lewis did the postgame interview with Jack Nixon, I'm curious to know if McKines would come back for conference just because the team needs him, or if he would be patient enough to sit the rest of the season and come back at full strength next year.

Just in case you were wondering, Hamidu Rahman would be eligible for a medical redshirt if that's a route the Aggies want to explore. Since the injury took place in the first half of the season and Rahman had only played in 8 of the Aggies' 30 games, or just under 30 percent, he would be eligible for a medical redshirt if his doctor determines that he cannot fully participate. Haven't asked about it yet, but I'm sure some of you have thought about it and I was curious myself.


Anonymous said...

This season is a waste.
Everyone injured should just get a medical red shirt and get ready for next year.

Anonymous said...

lol..that's funny...I can imagine the whole team on a medical redshirt. I wish NM State could really do that.

Anonymous said...

With all of our Aggies injured, I think Groves was on to something when he wrote that article on the high number of minutes some of our players were playing.


Anonymous said...

Red shirt Rahman and Big Wen. Hope that Gillenwater sticks around one more year, and pray that Menzies recruits a GREAT juco Shooting guard with the idea that it's all we need to win a WAC championship and make a run.

Can we redshirt Menzies and his hurt back and have somebody else coach this year. We can make the argument that he has not coached in more than 8 games this year either :)

Anonymous said...

who cares. will wen even be in good academic standing? we know boston will get the ncaa to rule him ok even if he doesnt.

chilero said...


Are you hurt?

I'm hurt - I'm not sure I'll ever recover from the emotional beating I take each year in basketball when our Aggies get taken to the woodshed by UTEP and UNM.

But I'm going to go ahead and play through it.

We Aggie fans are tough.