Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nevada game



Four minutes until tipoff and the turnout is not impressive. I guess the national championship game is more important

NMSU 13, Nevada 12 11:47
The Aggies press was effective early. NMSU was up 13-6 and Nevada is on a 6-0 run right now. The press seems to be effective even when it isnt forcing turnovers because the Wolf Pack have taken some quick shots

NMSU 26, Nevada 21 7:22
It's been a game of runs. The Aggies went up 10 twice thanks to the play of Troy Gillenwater, who has eight points and a couple big blocks in transition. Gillenwater's 3 point play put the Aggies up 24-14 and Nevada is on a 7-2 run with Kraemer about to shoot two

NMSU 36, Nevada 28 2:29
Gillenwater has the crowd going with a dunk in transition when Young threw a lob for him and Nevada's johnson tipped it but it went to the rim to set up Gillenwater's dunk. nevada is 2 of 13 from 3 point land and arent really doing much against the zone

NMSU 40, Nevada 31 Half
Gillenwater has 12 points in the first half, Babbit has six and Nevada is 36 percent from the floor and 2 of 13 from 3-point land

NMSU 42, Nevada 34 15:41
ugly start to the half by both teams. Nevada struggles vs. zone, the Aggies are struggling vs. man in the half court

NMSU 45, Nevada 41 11:32
Babbitt scored the last four to get the Wolf Pack back in it while the Aggies opened the second half 2 of 13 from the field

NMSU 58, Nevada 57

NMSU 64, Nev. 61 1:35
WENDEll shooting two out of a fox timeout. the aggies have gotten some big stops

NMSU 67, Nev. 67
Cooke follow with 12.5, Young drove to the basket and the aggies couldnt get a follow

NEV. 79, NMSU 71 OT
Sorry. I got caught up in deadline
Menzies said the stale offense was his fault and he talked about rebounding. The Aggies were outscored 12-4 in OT and outrebounded 34-16 in the second half


Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to any post game comments, but I'm sure Menzies is using the same old "we're so young" excuse. Sorry JG, but the Aggies are just plain AWFUL (I'm keeping it clean) this year. I'm glad I didn't go to tonight's game. They totally blew it against Nevada. Nevada is loaded with young players too, so no excuses this time.

Anonymous said...

This could very well be the game that gives Nevada the WAC. We can't afford to lose home games. Hopefully we can return the favor in Reno.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:28 is glad he didn't go to the game but he can complain on these blogs. I dont live in LC but I watched the game on fullcourt and I was very discouraged by the terrible fan turnout. The community wants to have great teams but they dont want to go to support these kids. Imagine winning your wac road openers, then coming home to an empty gym to play the traditionally best team in the conference. When we play at Reno, they will have about 9,000 in attendence. Im not blaming the loss on the lack of attendence, but that was just sad. What do you think brings good recruits in? A packed house.

Anonymous said...

JG, do you know what is being done or taught about rebounding during practice? Wendell is the man, but others need to step up. Also, what about that conservative offense? I thought the Aggies were a transition team.

J.R. said...

Anon 8:28pm....Why talk about some post game comment that you made up, and then comment on a game you didn't see? If you had cared to support the team for their home conference opener and then actually tuned in to the post game comments you would have heard Jack and Menzies talking about how the lack of rebounding and execution lost the game. They didn’t blame this one on the young team (even though they are one). Fact is the Aggies had a great first half and both teams came out struggling in the second half. The Aggies missed a defensive rebound with seconds left, and Nevada got an easy put back to tie it. JY took a final drive, put up a good shot that almost fell, and Gillenwater’s put back also almost went. Neither shot fell, so it went to OT.

Awful teams don’t win two road games to start conference play and then barley lose in overtime to a tough Nevada team (who was projected to win the conference). That awful comment is way out of line. We don’t need fair-weather Aggie fans like you, I’m glad you stayed home, and do us all a favor, until you adjust your Aggietude, continue to stay home. That loss was tough for me to swallow, but I’m excited about the program not just the W’s. I hope the guys use this loss as teaching tool, PLEASE MAKE REBOUNDING A PRIORITY, and get a W on Saturday. Starting conference play 3-1 was a goal set by the team and is still attainable. Good luck Saturday Aggies…..

Anonymous said...

Good stuff JG. Fans showing up to the games is a must. I dont see that game going into overtime with 9,000 in attendence.

Anonymous said...

You cant fault LC for attendance last night. Sorry. The National Championship game is more exciting than the Aggies 3rd WAC game.

J.R. said...

Sure the sorry attendance didn't loose the game, but you can't argue that 9,000 fans may have helped win it. It wasn't just the Aggies 3rd WAC game, it was their first home conference game after a 2-0 road sweep. AND it was against Nevada, the projected #1 team in the conference. Home games don’t get much bigger than that in conference play. If you couldn’t get fired up for the Aggie game and TIVO the BCS Championship, then I don’t know what to tell you. The guys sure could have used a good showing of support from the community for a job well done on the road. I hope Las Cruces gets over themselves, and gets out to support this young, talented, energetic team. They are deserving of the support of 9,000 yelling, screaming, fired up Aggie fans in the PAC for every game.

Anonymous said...

Your favorite team can't win every year. If you live to complain about how bad your team is, you'll find like-minded fans calling-in to 770am complaining about the Lobos. Some of this is about next year. Like letting Joyner play 14 mins and yanking him after some mistakes. It's a learning process. Joyner's game experience is going to have a payoff. I'm talking to you, anon 8:28 Nevada played a bad game, too, and I like to think the Aggies had something to do with that. Aggies won two games as a team and they lost this one as a team. Good for the 6,314 fans who showed up to watch a WAC rivalry dog-fight (sorry, Mike Vick and PETA) and to those who tuned in for the rebroadcast. See ya's tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

JG- getting to the line 15 times in the first half and 16 times in the second half was sweet. If the Aggies shoot 76% from the line intead of 73%, they're 3 and 0 in the WAC. Troy made 8 FTs. He and McKines completed some old-fashioned, And-1 3pt plays. JY must concentrate on getting to the line more. I'll take 73% if JY will get defenders in the air at the perimeter and then drive inside to get fouled. That also collapses the D for a possible kick out to an uncontested jump shooter. Teams are putting their best defender on JY in man, so that's what he can do to help the team and I guarantee he'll score more than 8 in 42 minutes.