Saturday, January 31, 2009


I expect a lopsided Aggies victory tonight. It's not necessary but i think it would help the Aggies to create some early separation and finish a team off which they couldn't do the other night against San Jose

Kareem Nitoto
Paul Campbell


UH 18, NMSU 16 11:35
I think Roderick Flemings is the only Hawaii player who has the green light to shoot against the zone. too bad for the Aggies that he's more than capable. he has six points here in the first eight minutes but Hawaii is doing a good job getting back early and making the Aggies work on offense

NMSU 24, UH 23 7:52
Hawaii is certainly taking its time on offense against the Aggies zone and slowing the pace down which is expected

NMSU 35, UH 28 1:59
McKines with a three point play opportunity out of timeout. I was going well for the Warriors until the Aggies opened up in transition a little bit and now we will see if Hawaii can answer the bell. NMSU went over 3 minutes without scoring but are on a 9-2 run


NMSU 44, UH 39 14:18
Gibson is 2 or 11 from the field. Gordo came in

NMSU 59, UH 47 7:35
CASTillo has knocked down three triples and Terrance Joyner did a nice job pushing the ball in transition and pulling up, putting nmsu up by their biggest margin. Hawaii is struggling shooting so if nmsu rebounds, they should continue to pull away

NMSU 82, UH 72
I wont be watching the re air of this one

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Anonymous said...

JG - is Gillenwater the player as advertised pre-season? I think his play has been very steady. What WAC team gets better sixth man production? Does the WAC track that honor? He clashed with Menzies for the first half of the season and now Menzies has harnessed Troy's game but he won't be broken and you don't want him broken. The best thoroughbreds are spirited and now he's no longer spitting the bit. He plays with passion and still gets steamed, but it's interupting his performance less now. I think Menzies handled his freshman year well. He's a team player. People will jump on me for saying that because of the "black hole" scouting report on him in the WAC. Turnover problems with Troy last night evidence of a black hole? You might say that 4 is a lot in 15 minutes - - except that he also dished 5 dimes! The falling-away touch pass alley-oop back to Wendell was highlight reel stuff. I kinda suspect that Troy's consecutive-game technical fouls at Idaho and then here vs SJSU were due to him cussing the refs about bad calls on a teammate. From what I see, the rest of the Aggies like having Troy in the mix and that he's "got their back." I don't see any team dissention at this juncture. To the contrary they appear to be drawing together some now.