Thursday, January 29, 2009

San Jose State game

San Jose


Rebounding should be an interesting matchup with mckines and the aggies against oliver and webster. the Spartans are undersized so maybe rahman will get some looks early

NMSU 17, SJSU 5 14:11
NMSU has six steals and SJS turned the ball over nine times. they also insist on zoning the Aggies which you cant do. nmsu is 3 of 4 for 3sand on a 15-2 run

NMSU 31, SJSU 21
If it weren't for Adrian Oliver, the game would be over early. Oliver has 11 points after scoring his team's last nine. The Aggies press is really bothering san jose as the aggies have scored 12 points off 11 san jose turnovers

NMSU 37, SJSU 28 3:57
Jahmar Young is 4 of 5 from the field and 3 of 3 from 3-point land. he hit his third to put the aggies up by their largest margin36-21. Graham is struggling...he's turnove it over six times with no assists and no points. ouch

Oliver vs. young.
Oliver is 5 of 8 from the field and 9 of 10 from the foul line for 19 points
Young is 3 of 4 from long range and 4 of 7 from the field for 14 points
Gibson returns in the second half after sitting out much of the first half with two fouls

NMSU 52, SJSU 43 15:59
With Gibson back, thepace has quickened a little bit

NMSU 63, SJSU 57 11:44
The Aggies led by 14 only to see anothersan jose run. The Spartans are on a 9-4, mostly in transition. Young has a free throw out of the media timeout for a three point play

NMSU 77, SJSU 77 3:44
Young with one and one out of timeout

NMSU 89, SJSU 81


Anonymous said...

Before anyone starts crying and what not lets get one thing straight; we won. Period. We led by a lot and then they kept bringing it down. The team responded well when San Jose took the lead and ended up holding off for the win. Now here is what I think after this; Gillenwater should start over Rahman. I dont care about the matchups and how good Troy is off the bench. Rahman still plays like a scared freshman out there bumbling passes and unable to get rebounds. Troy is a much better player and he contributes both offensively and defensively. Another thing that stood out is how easy things go wrong for the Aggies when they put in Gordo, TJ and insert Rahman in for Troy. I dont think that the team has a good bench and if you start Troy instead of Rahman their offensive production is very limited. Did anyone else notice how boring the Pan Am was tonight? That place was so dead tonight and its getting worse. I dont care how bad people think the team is what else is there to do here on Thursday night? Most of the empty seats were in the GA section which means all those fairweather fans arent showing up. Things need to pick up. Other than that its a good win for the Aggies and hopefully we get another one vs Hawaii


Anonymous said...

Was there really 6194 there, or did they do use the UTEP Counting Method?

Sierra Falcons 37 Zia 31.

Glad the Aggies Won. Now maybe we can go on a 13 game winning streak!!

Need a new starting 5. JY, HL, TG, WM, CG for the Hawaii game. MM needs to start trying some new combos so we will not be so predictable come WAC Tourney Time. We are currently a sub500 team, so you cannot say the current rotations are all that successful. At least give it a try.
MM also needs to read up on how to motivate his players. If it were not for Trey Stewart there would be abolutely no one providing any spark to the players. Thanks you for Trey!!

Go Aggies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lets learn some pressure defense before March.