Sunday, September 29, 2013

Odds and ends from Sunday's first NMSU workout

First a note on who did not practice on Sunday. Point guard Ian Baker and freshman Jonathan Wilkins will not be able to practice as they are yet to be cleared by the NCAA. Jayln Pennie and Matt Taylor are likely redshirts who were out there on Sunday. Both are expected to redshirt this season, but they are able to practice before the NCAA ultimately clears them to continue to practice.Big man Pascal Siakam is in the same situation, although he wasn't there on Sunday.

Terrel de Rouen was not at practice as he is suspended.

Photo by Shari V. Hill

I talked to Sim Bhullar for a couple minutes on Sunday.

Most noteworthy was Bhullar talking about playing at the high post, which is something we have talked about here. It makes sense when Chili Nephawe is in the game. Bhullar is a great passer and can set the guards free early in the shot clock at the top of the key. It will be interesting to see if if works with the two big guys at the same time.

"I'm a lot further than last year," Bhullar said. "I worked on a lot of things this summer, especially my jump shot and being more consistent with my hooks and stuff, especially if I'm going to be playing with Chili. Coach really wanted me to work on being the high post and making that jumper. In high school I played like that. Last year I really didn't think the team needed me to do that so I stayed in the post. Chili is a dominant guy in the post and can seal anyone in the country."

I also spoke with Daniel Mullings. I will have a story on Mullings and others who could fill in for the leadership role later in the week. But I asked Mullings to give me one or two players either new or role players from last year who could make a difference.

"DK Eldridge. He came from a JUCO and he's a good player. We lost Bandja and Tyrone. He's a player who can help to fill that void. He can help us in a lot of ways and be able to stretch the defense. Also Chili. He sat out last year so a lot of people forgot about him. He has been working. I know he knows everyone forgot him last year so he is going to come out with a vengeance." 

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