Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WAC revisions

With WAC play starting Thursday, I'm going to take an opportunity here to call a re-do. Nothing crazy, but I present a revised WAC Poll and first team all WAC after the non-conference has been completed.

My initial Predicted order of finish
1. Nevada
3. Utah State
4. Hawaii
5. Idaho
6. San Jose State
7. Fresno State
8. Louisiana Tech

Initial All WAC
McKines, NMSU
Hunt, Nevada
Burton, Nevada
Story, Nevada
Johnson, Hawaii

Revised Poll - Predicted record
1. Nevada - 11-3 (Only team in the league without a head scratching loss. Sweeping Hawaii gives them title)
2. Utah State - 11-3 (Emergence of Medlin and Reed give USU three go-to players)
3. NMSU 10-4 (Style of play will lend itself to many close games, hard to say they will win all of them)
4. Hawaii 10-4 (Talented team, but I think they will drop some road games.)
5. Idaho 8-6 (Idaho will steal games and will be tough in the tournament)
6. Fresno State 4-10
7. La. Tech 3-11
8. San Jose State 3-11

Revised First-team
McKines, NMSU
Burton, Nevada
Hunt, Nevada
Story, Nevada
Medlin, Utah State


Anonymous said...

I don't think your finish order is crazy, but we can't have 60 wins and 52 losses in the same conference. Gotta be a total of .500 at the end of the year.

I also think Barone or Joaquim tip Hunt by the end of the year, just by being primary options on their teams when Hunt is the 3rd or 4th guy offensively for Nevada.

Anonymous said...

With KC, who has now departed, I'd say the Aggies' would end the season third or fourth in the WAC. Without KC, second place with the possibility of first.

Removing Kabongo was the first step in getting the Aggies to play team ball. If they can take the nest step, they may actually make some noise in conference.

Anonymous said...

The CK spelled backwards is intentional slight to the man, I assume? Well, posts to your blog talked smack about Chris Cole while he played, too. But just like that situation I think you will find the offense stalling out without CK penetrating with the rock.

CK getting the rack with dominant rebounders there to clean up 2nd chance slop works. I do agree the remaining players will be forced to congeal as a team. What other choice do they have? JG - your WAC predictions come down to the first two games in Pan Am this week so Aggie fans don't have to wait long to find out ... Thanks bro!