Saturday, January 14, 2012

Idaho thread

NMSU should beat Idaho tonight.

Three things to look for:
Battle in the paint, 3-point defense, letdown??

I don't know why, but Kyle Barone is one of my favorite players in the WAC. I might have to let that go if NMSU's centers can shut him down. Barone is one of three Idaho big guys who are more skilled I would say than anyone on Utah State other than Reed. They are good at clogging the paint and blocking or altering shots on the defensive end.

through two WAC games, NMSU opponents are shooting 17 percent from 3-point range. Idaho is the seventh best 3-point shooting team in the country but NMSU's guards and wing players are likely longer and more athletic than most Idaho has faced to this point.

You always worry about a letdown. NMSU is coming off a big victory over Utah State. Reasons I doubt a NMSU letdown are veteran players for the Aggies, too much length and quickness for Idaho's guards to get loose and the fact that Idaho is coming on an overtime game in Ruston on Thursday so you would think home court could work to the Aggies' favor.

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